Friday, May 7, 2010

Stars Align - Our Next Chapter

Stars Aligned!

Three years ago this month I was laid off from FairPoint Communications. After a number of heart searching, soul searching discussion with my husband, as many of you know, we decided to "sell everything" and live in an RV as we explored what our next chapter would be.

At the time we were both around the age of fifty and still wondering what we to do with our lives. We chose the RV in hopes of a lower cost of living and a chance to find a place we would want to grow roots again. I'm hear to report (read celebrate) IT WORKED!

Good-bye to the Pacific NW rain, rain and more rain...hello wherever?

Two of my favorite research sites ended up being:
  • City-Data - an amazing public records snapshot of any given Town USA
  • Find Your Spot - a questionnaire type site to help locate possible places...

As luck would have it one of our first beloved RV friends, Vic & Jo, lead us to our next stop in the Sonoran Desert out of Tucson. The perfect place for us to explore from. Desert Trails RV Park Tucson AZ- Wonderful, active RV Park right in the desert outside of Tucson. (Recommendations Here)

This past year was a long dark winter for me. My dad passed away in October, both our mom's had challenges and by the end of the year my husband's health took a significant hit. On the bright side Tucson has a VA Medical Center that much to our delight he was eligible for.

Now to the stars aligning... Over the past thirty years looking at 'what if' housing has been a hobby. We only have owned a handful of houses but wherever we go a Real Estate magi zine is scanned and the 'what if' conversation ensues. Our frugal nature has been our friend. We gaze at listings and sometimes even peek in than do the math (how many hours, days, months years) will we need a J O B to have that one... When we jumped off the cliff and went to RV living we didn't have an exit strategy per say which I admit was a worry... we just hoped the stars would align.

On March 1st we didn't know we were looking for a house and by March 5th our offer had been accepted and we closed on March 31st!
> 55+ Community where you own your own land...a small community as they go. Very low HOA fee.
> In the Sonoran Desert
> Perfect cottage across from greenbelt and 20,000 acres of public land.
> Energy star home facing the desert sunsets.
> We estimate our overhead cost to be a bit higher than an RV... but not too much more!
> Cost of housing and food is much less then Washington where we started.
> RV friends just around the corner.
> Possible j o b s if needed later.
> We both love love love this desert.
> At least one more progressive vote/voice in Arizona. ;)

Our Yard!
Pinch Me!

In hindsight I am amazed we spent the three happy years if a 5th so totally grateful for this small, snuggly house on the edge of the desert.

  • Good bye RV ... Hello art, photography, yoga, graphic arts and maybe even some car camping!
  • Hello quail, sunsets, coyote, heat, new friends, dry heat ... time and space for art...
  • Grateful for some sales even though I have been slacking
  • Grateful for today and jazzed for tomorrow.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Wander ... Right where we belong.

I am lost in the vastness of summer, an open road, family that gathers and gathers again. I am lost in this open chapter of my life... in wandering in a truck camper after waiting for it's repair. I am lost in small towns in Washington, Oregon and Idaho... Not knowing so much where we are going but knowing more places we will leave behind.

After a so slow start to our summer journey in our leaky, now fixed, camper we have made good use of it...wandering the northwest...visiting many loved ones...walking miles around a few "could we live here?" small towns as journeying out in the amazing beauty of this NW world.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rodeo Princess

I am the (bonus) daughter of a Rodeo Princess

Princess Judy Thompson Schneider

I just received this very shocking email from my Mom Judy ...

Hi Marie:

A friend of Janet's called to tell her that my picture is in the August Travel + Leisure Magazine*. It is described as a "vintage photograph." Insults abound as one ages. Last week end, the gal who wheeled out my groceries asked me if I wanted to hang onto the handle on the cart.

Love, Judy


I immediately offered her my assistance...

Dearest Mom Judy,

I am shocked that the August Travel + Leisure Magazine would malign you that way. Shall I file suit in your honor? I would be happy to attest that their is not one vintage bone in your body.

Unless you stop me I am off to post your picture and comment below on my blog. Thank you for the gift of a smile.


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* August issue not on-line yet...