Friday, May 23, 2008

Motorcycle Hazards Ahead?

Morning Bloggers

A great day to get out on your motorcycles eh?
Phil's friend Rob inspired my latest greatest graphic, see what you think!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I come from a family of word traveling 'birders'. My dad and mom Judy have even been to Antarctica! My sister Tick and I happen to also live near a birders paradise, the Greys Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. That's the good news...the bad news is that while a zillion or so shorebirds fly though each spring and fall we seem to have a way of missing them by just a few days. Darned if it didn't happen again this year!

So once again Dad and Mom Judy come north from Portland to join us for a day bird hunting.
We arrive just in time for high tide which brings the birds to us.

Here comes Mom Judy

Can you say 'birdwatcher'?

Thats my dad!

Ah - ha ~~ there's those darn birds.

Dad and Mom Judy are a couple of well loved rare birds themselves!

Strike three... stay tuned for next year ... will those Schneiderbirds find the shorebirds after all or will it be another turkey day?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pizza Pizzazz

Round three of my own pizza challenge

  • Round one to ‘brick’ crust
  • Round two to the ‘brick’ crust with the delicious peel off crust
  • Drum roll please…. Wa la!
  • Round three to ‘the mix’ and me…whew, yummy, blessed again.
  • Phil has been gluten-free for two years and finally finally finally we had a yummy edible pizza!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Identity Crisis

Hummingbird Heaven

a first time for everything

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Marianne Williamson: From Everyday Grace
  • Miracles do happen
  • We are the angels we’ve been waiting for
  • Every thought of judgment blocks the light
  • The end is inherent in the means
  • Sacred silence rights the universe

Even after a year of a job-free life I still live in my head too much. I was never good at balancing all the demands in life while I was working and I am not much better still. It is so easy for me to live in fear and worry instead of staying open to this amazing chapter in my life. Often I think of Marianne’s words ‘every thought of judgment blocks the light’ right after I judge…others or myself. As I increase my awareness of this filter I see it everywhere. It seems to be compulsive and demeaning, so often my light is blocked.

By far the most popular graphic I sell on CafePress is “All Who Wander” I guess I am not the only wanderer these days… except I am often more lost then found / oh dear there to goes my judgment.

Happy Wanderings!

Yes We Can - Obama & Me

I confess I have democratic-itis…

Obama 2008 and Beyond

…a struggling human…struggling as an artist…

Hello Bloggers!

Welcome to my new blog site, I am very happy you could join me here!

On May 1st I crossed my one year anniversary of being laid-off from a high stress telecommunications job. For many years I had been an unbalanced, yet passionate workaholic. After the eighteen plus years I was finally pushed from the nest and given the chance to learn how to fly.

Given this one year anniversary it seemed a perfect time to review, revise and improve on this public journal of my (our) journey. My blog on godaddy will close on June 6th, 2008 as I complete the transfer here.

A quick summary of our status:

  • After my lay off, my spouse Phil & I agreed he would join me in unemployment and leave traditional jobs. We were tired of the rat race and wanted to live a richer life. While we knew what we didn’t have a clear vision of what we did/do want.
  • At the time our ‘twenty year plan’ was in year eighteen.. as fairly frugal spenders, aggressive savers and both exhausted from our jobs we were ready to start a new chapter. We thought we had just enough of a nest egg to squeak by. It turns out squeak is the operative word.
  • So at the age of 49 and 53 we jumped…sold our house, our toys, and our junk and moved into a fifth wheel. We found a awesome park in our home town to stay in and have been for the most part decompressing from there. While we have traveled some this winter we have mostly been homebodies until recently…now we are ready to rock and roll.

What will the blog look like going forward? Good question!

  • Personal Growth: Early on in my life I was given the gift (at times curse) of a life journey of personal growth and discovery. I continue to learn to embrace, reach and grow as life unfolds. In blogging, I would like to share experiences, celebrate blessings and hopefully inspire and enrich both our journeys.
  • Artistic Endeavors: Developing the artist in me. Sharing my graphics, my new skills…my ughs as well. Learning to market and sell my graphics. Become a better wordsmith. Finding new outlets for my energy and creativity. Intertwine with other artists. Learn to grow, trust and celebrate a whimsical life! Practice faith not fear.
  • Income Strategies: Life after a traditional job… It turns out living on ‘the budget’ and squeaking by isn’t that fun. My goal is to find ways to grow income sources that are geographically independent.
  • Smaller Footprint: Phil & I have lived in small houses and valued good gas mileage and recycling. Watching the gas prices rise amongst other things as we watch society fly by can’t help but but make me ask ‘how do I make a smaller footprint’?
  • Financial Freedom: We continue to learn to be our own financial managers. Discipline and diversification. Can we find any peace of mind in a roller-coaster market?

Thank you for joining me on this journey of discovery! May each of our lives be touched with love, community and creativity as we reach beyond ourselves. Blessed be!

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