Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I come from a family of word traveling 'birders'. My dad and mom Judy have even been to Antarctica! My sister Tick and I happen to also live near a birders paradise, the Greys Harbor National Wildlife Refuge. That's the good news...the bad news is that while a zillion or so shorebirds fly though each spring and fall we seem to have a way of missing them by just a few days. Darned if it didn't happen again this year!

So once again Dad and Mom Judy come north from Portland to join us for a day bird hunting.
We arrive just in time for high tide which brings the birds to us.

Here comes Mom Judy

Can you say 'birdwatcher'?

Thats my dad!

Ah - ha ~~ there's those darn birds.

Dad and Mom Judy are a couple of well loved rare birds themselves!

Strike three... stay tuned for next year ... will those Schneiderbirds find the shorebirds after all or will it be another turkey day?

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