Sunday, May 11, 2008


Marianne Williamson: From Everyday Grace
  • Miracles do happen
  • We are the angels we’ve been waiting for
  • Every thought of judgment blocks the light
  • The end is inherent in the means
  • Sacred silence rights the universe

Even after a year of a job-free life I still live in my head too much. I was never good at balancing all the demands in life while I was working and I am not much better still. It is so easy for me to live in fear and worry instead of staying open to this amazing chapter in my life. Often I think of Marianne’s words ‘every thought of judgment blocks the light’ right after I judge…others or myself. As I increase my awareness of this filter I see it everywhere. It seems to be compulsive and demeaning, so often my light is blocked.

By far the most popular graphic I sell on CafePress is “All Who Wander” I guess I am not the only wanderer these days… except I am often more lost then found / oh dear there to goes my judgment.

Happy Wanderings!

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