Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is 3rd time the Charm?

Ok I might have found the right 'activate' button...stay tune...I'll explain if it works.

UPDATE: It's not working! Drat.

Email Subscription Chapter 2

Hello Dear Invisible Friends!

Yesterday I celebrated adding the email subscription field to this blog. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work. Fortunately I added a comment to that post and much to my surprise the comment arrived in my in-basket! Cheap thrills.

This post is to test it again in case it works now...before I go dumpster diving in information overload to try to figure out the problem. Stay tune...

Please post a comment to let me know you are out there... I think I lost most of the That Which Is Good friends in the blog move and have to find you again!


Greeting Bloggers!

It's certainly quiet around here since I moved my blog from the godaddy site. That one had a cost and this one is free. I miss hearing from you all! Just moments ago I figured out how to add an email subscription form like I had before. That way you see my good cheer and/or ramblings in your in-basket just like magic! (((thank you feedburner))) Please sign up!

My energy is torn at the moment between watching the political race (hoping that good things can come down from government oversight) and working on my That Which Is Good - Apparel and gift store (hoping I can send out to the universe too). I am in 'clean up' mode at the moment on my Cafe Press site. Everything take times... It's a bit like having a job. eeek.

When I post this note is when I will get actually test the email subscription. Lets hope it works!

Please add a note and let me know if you are out there... it could be I am just whispering to the wind.

>>> Last but not least I changed the lay out again... your feedback is welcome.

Hugs and all that jazz, Marie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Meet Barack Obama"

I recommend this snapshot of Barack Obama. My question is often one of skill sets…Does the candidate have what is needed to facilitate improvements to the overall health of this nation? Yes he does…and his record shows that he knows how to build a team that expand their knowledge as they address the challenges of the day. The task before all of is enormous and complex. I don’t think it’s possible to elect a perfect president but I think we can elect a leader that embraces the talents and knowledge of others in addition to their own. Imagine the possibilities.

Meet Barack Obama YouTube


Yes We Can - Apparel & Gifts

Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Sisters Rock!

Hi All

I just finished a new graphic for my cafe press extraordinary artist efforts. It's turned into a special tip-of-the-hat to my two older sisters Audrey and Ryn.

I have a new graphic arts tool to use. I wanted to get the thingy-ma-jig that works like a drawing pen. My first challenge was to figure out what they are called so I could research and shop for one. Naturally when I couldn't find a lead myself, my son Casey* sent me in the right direction. I turns out it's called a Tablet or a Stylus. (Note: Casey works for Leonard M Sanders on the linked topic)

Once I knew the name of 'it' (Tablet or Sytlus) I was able to research them on the forum and find out more information. I ended up with a WACOM Bamboo MTE 450.

The bad news is it's not magically making me an fact so far it's be anything but intuitive for me. The good news is that I am finally make just a tad bit of headway today: I drew the hearts with it (hehehe) Now if I could just draw like Michaelangelo.

My next attempted theme will be 'big brothers' in which case I have Robert to celebrate! I hope you too have beloved siblings and/or natural or choosen family to celebrate too!

Peace and Hugs, Marie

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Techno Toddler // RV Life

Hi Bloggers!

It's official... I have retired my old blog... the bad news is I am not able to move over my past posts...some blogs can be 'imported' but not the one I have from godaddy.

The good news is I just figured out that I can add the same sub domain ( and forward it to this site. whew....thats cool. Now if I could only learn how to add a email list widget(?)/function. I think within 48 hours my old blog URL will forward to this one. I would hate to lose friends/readers with this change.

I so wish I knew more of this technology stuff and didn't have to learn everything by the seat of my pants. I have a long list of things I want to learn like:
  • html
  • dreamweaver
  • graphic arts
  • patience
  • gourmet cooking
  • worry free living
  • heheheheheheee
Just a quick update on our life in the RV
  • Phil has had a successful mouse hunt this week. Our first one in the RV.
  • It's been raining again (wa wa wa) so it's back to feeling like we are living in a popcorn bag.
  • The mouse hunt led to the discovery of a 'leak'. The leak maybe fixed ... it's still TBD. (leaks are very bad in RV's and moods!)
  • Good news - I did a better job as 'assistant' to the RV Doctor ... Didn't I Phil?
  • A dicey stock market makes us both moody...ick. Perspective is sooooo important.
  • Arizona is looking better then ever with the rain again...enough is enough!
Another day done... another sun set still I am so grateful for this life rain or no rain.

I would love to see comments posted to know you found me at this new site.

Hugs, Marie

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hi Bloggers!

I seem to have a big case of the blah-ger blahs. I like this new format and am looking forward to yakking away with you, sharing my life adventure, my artistic endeavors and my heart. At the moment I confess to not having much cha cha cha. I hope you won't give up on me!

I have been working on a few different graphic ideas ... however the artistic muse in me seems to be on vacation. Whatever cool graphic comes out of this body is always a surprise for me... it seems my talent comes from my heart and not my genetic gift. Stay tuned for some new's bound to be born soon.

Last but not least I must honor for the democratic process...I am so proud to have watch the democrats run with such strong candidates for the Democratic Presidential Nominee. It's seems like such a long time coming... a person of diversity whether by race or gender to become the President of the United States of Our America! I am so honored to watch and support the Democratic Party and all Americans that work to bring a better life to all. Yes we can!