Saturday, June 21, 2008


Greeting Bloggers!

It's certainly quiet around here since I moved my blog from the godaddy site. That one had a cost and this one is free. I miss hearing from you all! Just moments ago I figured out how to add an email subscription form like I had before. That way you see my good cheer and/or ramblings in your in-basket just like magic! (((thank you feedburner))) Please sign up!

My energy is torn at the moment between watching the political race (hoping that good things can come down from government oversight) and working on my That Which Is Good - Apparel and gift store (hoping I can send out to the universe too). I am in 'clean up' mode at the moment on my Cafe Press site. Everything take times... It's a bit like having a job. eeek.

When I post this note is when I will get actually test the email subscription. Lets hope it works!

Please add a note and let me know if you are out there... it could be I am just whispering to the wind.

>>> Last but not least I changed the lay out again... your feedback is welcome.

Hugs and all that jazz, Marie


~ Marie ~ said...

DRAT DARN URGH ... I tried the email subscription and so far NO GOOD... I will have to do further research to see why it doesn't work. Where is my Tech Friends?

Anonymous said...

hi marie