Sunday, June 8, 2008

Techno Toddler // RV Life

Hi Bloggers!

It's official... I have retired my old blog... the bad news is I am not able to move over my past posts...some blogs can be 'imported' but not the one I have from godaddy.

The good news is I just figured out that I can add the same sub domain ( and forward it to this site. whew....thats cool. Now if I could only learn how to add a email list widget(?)/function. I think within 48 hours my old blog URL will forward to this one. I would hate to lose friends/readers with this change.

I so wish I knew more of this technology stuff and didn't have to learn everything by the seat of my pants. I have a long list of things I want to learn like:
  • html
  • dreamweaver
  • graphic arts
  • patience
  • gourmet cooking
  • worry free living
  • heheheheheheee
Just a quick update on our life in the RV
  • Phil has had a successful mouse hunt this week. Our first one in the RV.
  • It's been raining again (wa wa wa) so it's back to feeling like we are living in a popcorn bag.
  • The mouse hunt led to the discovery of a 'leak'. The leak maybe fixed ... it's still TBD. (leaks are very bad in RV's and moods!)
  • Good news - I did a better job as 'assistant' to the RV Doctor ... Didn't I Phil?
  • A dicey stock market makes us both moody...ick. Perspective is sooooo important.
  • Arizona is looking better then ever with the rain again...enough is enough!
Another day done... another sun set still I am so grateful for this life rain or no rain.

I would love to see comments posted to know you found me at this new site.

Hugs, Marie

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