Monday, July 7, 2008

Phil's Dad Fred

Phil's dad Fred (81) passed away on Friday July 4th. He lived a long. full, rich life. Five children, along with lots of grandkids, and friends from around the country held him close to their hearts. He had a traveling spirit, a motorcycle heart, and a 'MacGyver' spirit (can fix anything, anywhere, anyhow). He loved his family, his dogs Precious and Muffin, and hanging out with friends and loved ones.

There is so much to celebrate woven in the saddest of time.


Anonymous said...

Hi love - you and Phil have been much on my mind and in my heart. We are sending virtual hugs and mega doses of love. Audrey

Mary Warren said...

I would like to thank you for sharing the photo with us. I am Philip's cousin Mary. My Mom is his Aunt Velma. We will all miss Uncle Fred. He was a wonderful man.

~ Marie ~ said...

Hi Cous_in_law!

I just read your comment to Phil and Bruce. They both smiled. I am so glad you found the blog and could share in this time. The love in this community for Dad Fred was strong! We have heard many stories including how he picked the best avocado's from the top of his RV and the shared them with his neighbors.

I will always remember his black berry bucket and his yummy pies!