Monday, August 25, 2008

Eagle Rock Spa 2008

Hi Bloggers! Can you say blessed?

That would be me! I have just gotten back from an amazing time at Eagle Rock Ranch ... A private home of a friend. Over the years, women I know and love have gathered to share time, love and a spa-licious experience. It's an amazing time to slow down, breath deeply and be rejuvenated by this sacred time. It's starts with a good dose of love add to that nourishment of the souls through laughter, stories, body movement, massages and the view. I can't help but be nourished by the earth as I take in the view... swim ... sun ... breath.

Morning Glories

Marie's Cabana = Recipe for making me feel very loved
- Create a tent cabin
- Add a snuggly bed
- Fresh flowers by a lantern
- Water bottles nearby
- Warm carpet too
- Love straight to the heart

Moving out of my comfort zone I accepted the generous gift of a pedicure from my beloved Carole. I have been fascinated by my toes ever sense. It wasn't long after getting it that I had to go back for a 'fix'...oops... then WOW - How decadent to have such beautiful toes!

View from our world... This is my favorite place in the world to swim. It's the one place that I can float below dragonflies flight paths.

Blessed be
Blessed me

Chamber Music concert at Overlake School

Hi All,

Here are some smiles from Beth, Mili, Marti, Donna and Ro. My Aunt Maree is way down the row too. (close to far)

My goodness how time flies. Back on Aug 13th I had the pleasure of tagging along with a group of amazing women to a Chamber Music Concert at Overlake School in Seattle. It' was a amazing group of women, at magic spot where we were wrapped in the miracle of music.

At fifty years old I sometimes feel somewhat disappointed in my life...all that I am not and have not done. Then I meet all these passionate amazing women who have a few years to a few decades on me and it reminds me much of my life is still to come. I have so much to learn and be. I must dig deep and trust the unfolding process of it all.

Thanks to Ro and Maree for welcoming in your circle.

Thanks to all for your inspiration and smiles.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Representation Without Taxation: Study Says Most Corporations Avoid US Income Tax

I hope you will all read the linked article. Is this a good thing for our country? What would happen if we accepted our diverse political views but agreed on common values... such as paying one's fair share. Health care for children. Pregnancy prevention. Living wages.

What if the surface spin of one party or both parties doesn't hold up? Can we find common ground and work together to change our culture dynamic?

PS: I will be out of touch for the next week... feel free to improve the world while I am gone!

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Monday, August 11, 2008

New-tition-izing Wa LA & Cha cha cha

Greeting Bloggers!

This post is brought to you by New-trition-izing Marie. Who knew that 6 days later I would still be hooked on this idea. Will wonders ever cease? Look at my week so far:
Weekly Progress:
NUTRIENTS: GOAL 8/5 8/6 8/7 8/8 8/9 8/10 TODAY
Calories: 1250 - 1600 1,546 1,971 1,177 1,206 1,459 1,218 1,470
Fat: 28 - 62 28 95 26 7 30 26 44
Carbohydrates: 141 - 260 191 111 141 147 147 102 135
Protein: 60 - 140 79 89 46 78 73 74 74

Who new it wasn't rocket science? Ok so maybe some of us are late bloomers.
Add to that Phil & I have been walking 3 plus miles a day most days.

Things I have learned as a new dieter this first week:
  1. Counting calories is not rocket science
  2. Gluten free lasagna calorie counting is... but can be done
  3. Just about anything dairy is a calorie magnet
  4. Just about any vegetable is not
  5. I can still find enough for two beers a day if I want too
  6. Spark People is a great site to help me track calories and exercise. Yippee skippy
I am amazed at myself so far if I do say so myself. Next thing I know it will go bye a weight scale..but not till we migrate to Tucson on October. There may be hope for me yet.

Cheers to all! Marie

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New-trition-izing ... Hmmmm

Greeting Bloggers!

Guess what! I am thinking about calories. Granted I may have thought of them before but usually not for more than 30 seconds. Somehow I have managed to get to 50 years old and 200 pounds without any use for calories.

With time on my hands, more aches and pains then I would like, it seems to be a good time to digest the caloric impact of my day. Truth be told, what got me started was a newsletter link on Kim Komando (my digital goddess) webpage. One thing led to another and I found a site called Spark People. As a people person, information junkie and internet addict it is right up my alley!

Phil and I do eat well for the most part with broccoli as my number one food group according to Phil. While I am enthusiastic enough to share this idea with you I also have a knot in my stomach. I have my fears and goodness knows I don't want egg on my face.

I don't know the reason why I have never maintained my junkie, anxiety maven, stress eater and all that jazz. Denial is a beautiful thing. Maybe it's time to make peace with some of these 'friends'

New-trition-izing here I come! Please wish me luck as well as strategic great eating, I do so love yummy good food.

Speaking of love... I am sending it to you! Hugs Marie

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seaside Oregon Magic!

Seaside Oregon welcomed the Schneider Clan last week. For many of us this is the one time a year we gather and enjoy quality time together. Can you see the Seaside glow look great on my niece Cheyenne?

Thirty plus years ago Dad and Mom Judy joined families. Since then our laughter and lore has grown into a well sung symphony...
The twinkle they share is contagious!

(Portrait by Dad)

And what a symphony it is! While Audrey and Ryn were not able to come in person we knew they were with us in spirit too! Back: Tick's Tom, Marie, Galen, Libby's Theresa, Libby, Troy's Kelsey, Tick's Tom's Ben, Courtney, Friend Ryan, Krystal, Friend Jessica, Tick Front: Robert, Greg, Mom Judy, Dad Dutch, Judy's sister Janet, Cheyenne

Our birthday boy Robert! Whoo whoo! A man who loves to celebrate his birthday!

Happy Birthday Robert! You sure are looking good for 50 ;)

Libby and Greg with an anniversary glow!

They got married on Greg's birthday eight or nine years ago... makes it easy to remember!

Happy Birthday Greg!

Tick and Tom glowing for the heck of it!

The Oregon Coast is a perfect playground for us! We love the ocean, the birds, the sand and the sun...or rain. Add to it cards, puzzles, food and the Seaside arcade and life is a beach!

Did you notice alls those Schneider's bobbing in that freezing cold ocean? We love it! Truth be told I didn't make it this year...I was a wimp.

Seaside Arcade

Race driving instructor Libby with her class:
- Cheyenne
- Judy
- Janet
- Greg

Phil came down on a test drive and visit on Tuesday! I fine sight to see!

Our dining room table...aka as our card room.
Mom Judy is nice enough to give us a meal schedule for the week. We always have lots of delicious food from Tick's Tom's famous crapes, Robert's Indian food extra-ordinare, Judy's anything yummies, Libby & Greg's sausage wonders and last but not least a hot dog roast on the beach. Touch life at the beach eh?

The 5000 piece puzzlers puzzle!

Our mountain goats!

Gathering of hearts
As the evening nears
We share food and good cheer
Feeling very blessed by our time
Once again together this year

I am grateful for my many blessings

I am grateful for you!

Peace & Hugs Always