Monday, August 25, 2008

Chamber Music concert at Overlake School

Hi All,

Here are some smiles from Beth, Mili, Marti, Donna and Ro. My Aunt Maree is way down the row too. (close to far)

My goodness how time flies. Back on Aug 13th I had the pleasure of tagging along with a group of amazing women to a Chamber Music Concert at Overlake School in Seattle. It' was a amazing group of women, at magic spot where we were wrapped in the miracle of music.

At fifty years old I sometimes feel somewhat disappointed in my life...all that I am not and have not done. Then I meet all these passionate amazing women who have a few years to a few decades on me and it reminds me much of my life is still to come. I have so much to learn and be. I must dig deep and trust the unfolding process of it all.

Thanks to Ro and Maree for welcoming in your circle.

Thanks to all for your inspiration and smiles.

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