Monday, August 25, 2008

Eagle Rock Spa 2008

Hi Bloggers! Can you say blessed?

That would be me! I have just gotten back from an amazing time at Eagle Rock Ranch ... A private home of a friend. Over the years, women I know and love have gathered to share time, love and a spa-licious experience. It's an amazing time to slow down, breath deeply and be rejuvenated by this sacred time. It's starts with a good dose of love add to that nourishment of the souls through laughter, stories, body movement, massages and the view. I can't help but be nourished by the earth as I take in the view... swim ... sun ... breath.

Morning Glories

Marie's Cabana = Recipe for making me feel very loved
- Create a tent cabin
- Add a snuggly bed
- Fresh flowers by a lantern
- Water bottles nearby
- Warm carpet too
- Love straight to the heart

Moving out of my comfort zone I accepted the generous gift of a pedicure from my beloved Carole. I have been fascinated by my toes ever sense. It wasn't long after getting it that I had to go back for a 'fix'...oops... then WOW - How decadent to have such beautiful toes!

View from our world... This is my favorite place in the world to swim. It's the one place that I can float below dragonflies flight paths.

Blessed be
Blessed me

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DianeG said...

Marie -

I wish I could have joined you all. Count me in for Ladies Spa 2009!! We have a lot to catch up on. Lots of love, Diane