Saturday, September 20, 2008

Possum Herder!

What is it?
Who's in the picture? Who's laughing?
Have I ever told you about my beloved possum herder Phil?

I came across this picture today and a much needed smile arrived so I thought I would pass it on.

One of the attributes of the Quince house and our dog door was that possums thought it was an invitation to come in.

Unfortunately the head possum herder (PH) had a wussy as a partner. Not exactly a wussy more like an possum-repulsed-assistant. (that's better).

As luck would have it that night we easily got the possum to jump up behind the window blind! This I can assure you is a much better alternative then possum herding by broom from a back bedroom to the front door.

Fortunately the courageous possum hunter
was able to get close enough to open the window while keeping a broom pushed up against the window blind. Once that was done yours truly was assigned to keep the possum cornered while my hero the possum hunter headed out doors to pop the window screen.

Unfortunately the possum hunters assistant
could not make herself move close enough to the window for the broom to even touch the shade.

Luckily my hero was able to come back inside...grab the broom and give the possum the needed nudge. Whew!

Do you know that a side effect of a fear struck possum assistant is?
Yep you guessed it ... giggles.
Tip: Possum hunters do not appreciate assistants with giggles even after the adventure is complete. go figure!

Peace, hugs and smiles!

Respite Anyone?

It's been a harried week.
Universal angst seems to wrap itself around me.
Politics of pain surround us.
Chaos grows.
Each day seems heavy ... footsteps hard to lift and move
I need comfort.
Do you?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hitch Itch

Hello Bloggers!

It's September 18th. While the stock market is shaking our timbers we are still able to enjoy a sunny beautiful fall in Washington. We so much prefer sun especially since living in an RV when it rains is like living in a popcorn bag. Ugh!

Phil and I are just about 22 days from hitching up our RV and heading south. Can you believe it? Over 15 months ago we moved into our new home on wheels ... We adopted it in eastern Idaho and once we returned home to Olympia we haven't moved. We have been very happily just enjoying decompressing from 'real jobs'. It has not been that easy, adjusting to many changes and challenges still we are both grateful for the time and space.

Until we bought this RV neither of us had ever been RV campers! Talk about jumping into something new!

We still have a lot to learn.

... like driving it ... ;p~~~~~~
... packing the inside (my job) so things don't fly through a window on the way.
... hooking up the truck :o to the trailer (actually it's easy)
...surviving the cost of the 'fill up' as we head south
... getting in and out of tight places
... getting use to a new comfort zone

22 Days and counting down. We are both ready to spread our wings and try something new. We are ready for a dry warm winter after 30 or so years living in a rain forest.

One day at a time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Economics Nobel Prize Winner Speaks - A MUST READ

Stiglitz: The Fall of Wall Street Is to Market Fundamentalism What the Fall of the Berlin Wall Was to Communism

Joseph Stiglitz was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001.

Nathan Gardels: Barack Obama has said the Wall Street meltdown is the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. John McCain says the economy is threatened, but fundamentally strong. Which is it?

Please read the linked article. Knowledge and education goes a long way.

Marie's prattle:

There is not such thing as a one-size-fits-all president.

Are we better off today then we were eight years ago? Less need for jail cells? Less need for death row? Less abortions? More quality of life? Stronger families? Less personal debt? Prepared for retirement? Time for spiritual focus and celebration?

How does 'quality of life' interface with our core values? What can we do to build a stronger more prosperous and safe United States of America?

Let's assume you and I don't agree... You want McCain Palin and I want Obama Biden.
--- Maybe one is the lesser of two wrongs
--- I hope we each continue to educate ourselves before the election
--- And then take time to find our own peace in our vote.
--- Blessings to all


Friday, September 12, 2008

Merona Cycle Briefs aka Women's Exercise Shorts!!!

Ladies Ladies Ladies
Look what I found!
The perfect affordable exercise shorts!
Who knew these men's cotton/lycra spandex 'cycle' briefs were out there waiting for us?

These are great and you just can't beat them for 2 for under $10.

I wear a Womens 2X which is a XL 40-42.

These are so much better than expensive ladies exersice shorts.
Whoo! Whoo!

There is a link at the bottom of this page to order through I also found them at Target too. They really are the cat's meow! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Red-breasted Sap Sucker and Me

Greetings Bloggers!

This is my cute as can be, pain in the arse friend, that often visits us early in the morning. As you can see, first I was happy to catch some frames but then I got distracted trying to scare it away.

Cute but noisy ... and bad for our finish...eek.

Hey this is soooooooo cool. I posted my first video and sound too... How cool is that!
Ok maybe not so cool but now stay tune for more adventures to come.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Campaign AdWatch: McCain's Loopy Lupines


There have been many accusations about Sara Palin. Everything form saying no to the 'Bridge to Nowhere' to being a member of the Alaska Independent Party.

Only listing items that are false, implies that ALL accusations are false. Which is just not true.

Whether it is deliberate or accidental what did misleads the voter and gives the McCain camp some serious ammunition that in the end has enormous repercussions.

Picking and choosing the items reported on undermines the integrity of the information and misleads the voters.

If you read the original post 'Sliming Palin' in it's entirety you will see that there is a lot more to the story. Many items are not cut and dry. Some items have relevant information left out as well. While one can argue the bullet points are true it can also be argued that misleads the reader as well. began today to repair the damage done.

I am waiting for more silver linings.

In this time of what I call 'the fleecing of America' I don't believe we need any false hoods to muddy the waters. Educate yourself as much as you can and make an informed choice.

Just imagine how our great nation can become even greater and then chose who would most likely help us to get there.

Let's find our common ground.
About Sarah Palin
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fact Checking

Sarah Palin and fact checking …

Please help fact check

Reading this post in it’s entirety is recommended. I have read for a long time and was very disturbed when I read their original post. I had trusted them as a neutral source of information and knew that there was a ‘rest of the story’.

>>> I found ‘RealRhono2’s response on Posted today 4:21 PM (9/9/08)
I took the liberty of piecing together a number of his/her responses for readability. I think the detail in these posts is worth reviewing although it does all make my head spin.

RealRhino2 wrote: Summary

Fact-checking Some of those statements are themselves VERY misleading.
1. Palin DID in fact cut funding for what we would traditionally think of as special needs kids (such as her son Trig) when she took office. The confusion stems from the fact that prior to her becoming Governor, the "special education budget contained four programs: SESA (basically education for severely disabled kids like Trig), a program for deaf children, another for other learning disabled kids, and something called the Alaska Youth Challenge Program, which is a "boot camp" style school essentially for teenagers getting voc tech type and life skills.

When Palin took over, she removed the Alaska Youth Challenge Program from the "special education" budget and put it somewhere else. That is why people claimed she cut the budget by 62%.

BUT it is just as misleading to say she increased the "special needs" budget. What she did was increase the heck out of the Challenge Progam, the "boot camp" program for troubled teenagers. She in fact reduced the funding for SESA, the program available for kids like Trig. The budgets for the other two programs remained the same.

Re the "special needs" funding: Alaska's pre-Palin budget:

Dollars shown in thousands. SESA ("low incidence severely disabled students") = $2,072.3. Challenge program ("'boot camp' environment") = $5,091.6.

Alaska's first Palin budget:

SESA = $2,054.6.

ACYA 2008 = $5,709 (up from $5.091.6 in 2007).
ACYA 2009 = $6,082.1

She increased fundings for juvenile delinquents to get social/life skills to join the workforce. A find goal, to be sure. But not what is traditionally thought of as "special needs" kids like her DS baby, Trig.


RealRhino2 wrote:

2. No, she didn't "demand" that books be banned. As we've seen with Troopergate, that's not her style. Her style seems to be to question and imply, and then fire somebody if they don't do what she's implied should be done. It is EXTREMELY misleading to say the librarian remained employed there for several years after Palin came on board.

The facts are these, and they are not disputed: Soon after she became mayor, Palin asked the librarian if she would comfortable banning some books if she was asked to do so (by whom is unclear). The librarian said she would not. Just a couple of months after that (not YEARS, months), Palin sent the librarian a letter telling her she was going to be fired because Palin felt the librarian didn't fully support her. (One wonders what that could even be about, if not for the book banning issue. What else was there to support her on in that short time?) After community pressure to keep the well-respected librarian, Palin relented and didn't fire her.

Re: Librarian. Pretty easy, really:

Anchorage Daily News article. Would librarian be okay with banning books, you know, if somebody asked her to? Nope. Few months later, "Surprise! You're going to be fired!"


RealRhino2 wrote:

3. It is false to say she has not pushed for teaching creationism in public schools, unless they are relying on semantic arguments of what it means to "push" for teaching it. She certainly suggested that creationism should be taught in public schools alongside evolutionary theory. In a televised debate during her run for Governor, when asked if creationism should be taught with evolution, she said: "Teach both. You know, don't be afraid of information. Healthy debate is so important, and it's so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both."

What could be more clear than that? "I am a proponent of teaching both."

The next, when she got some blowback on the issue, she hedged by saying essentially, "I'm not saying it *has* to be part of the curriculum, I'm just saying that if it comes up in discussion that should be okay."

There is CLEARLY a difference between saying it shouldn't be prohibited in an open discussion in the classroom and saying "Teach both." Not "Talk about both if it happens to come up," but "teach both."

3. Creationism:

Again, semantic argument about "push." She said it should be taught, but she didn't use her position as Governor to try to force it to be added to the curriculum. What do you get for that, partial credit?

Is that all we mean by "pushing" it? I guess. I think it says something that her personal belief is that is "should" be taught.


RealRhino2 wrote:
4. As to supporting Buchanan, it looks like we are again getting into semantics. She wore a campaign button for the guy. Is that support? Courtesy? Who knows? Not really a "factual" matter that can be wrong or right, IMO, given that her efforts for Forbes happened after that. She may have changed her mind after Buchanan's visit. Maybe she found out he's a pig and she switched her allegiance. Non-issue, but not really something that can be proved or disproved, IMO.


RealRhino2 wrote:

Did you happen to know that she became co-chair of Steve Forbes's Presidential campaign only AFTER she was wearing a Pat Buchanan and was at his fundraising event? Is it just not possible that she at one time supported Pat Buchanan, met him and thought him a d-bag, and so switched her support to Forbes?

Please note that I'm not saying she did or she didn't. I'm saying it's not really discoverable as a factual matter. She wore a Buchanan button and appeared at a Buchanan event. She claims it was courtesy. Fine. Could be. Others claim it was support. Fine. Could be. Only person that *really* knows is Palin herself. But to claim that it's a "lie" is just not possible, IMO. The best we can do is say that Palin says otherwise, claiming she wore the button out of courtesy, and that shortly thereafter she was co-chair of Forbes's campaign. Which doesn't mean she *never* supported Buchanan, just that ultimately she did not.

Let me put it in a ridiculous way that should make it clear. Hillary Clinton has recently gone on record in support of Obama's Presidency bid. Does that mean she never supported anybody else earlier in the race? 'Cause I can think of one person she supported pretty heavily..... ;-)

I think Republicans protest too much about the media interest in Palin. She's an unknown; the coverage had to be expected.


Marie wrote: Special thanks to RealRhino2 With so many of us in information overload, juggling busy this kind of detail is so appreciated. I don't have a way to verify RealRhino2 ... what I do know for sure is much of my thinking goes along the same path as RealRhino's...

When will Palin pale next to the economy? Can the Bankruptcy of America be stopped? When will people see the link between National Security and our Economy? What if we could change course? Stay tune in America... and check out American Progress'in your spare time.

Just imagine the possibilities.

Faith, Hope and Phil

Hello Bloggers!

Since leaving our jobs I can be found lobbying Phil to start his own blog! Why not? Hard to believe he takes a 'pass' isn't it? Maybe he see how busy I am keeping up with my own life. It is true that my blog, my unfolding artist personality and shameless commerce is far more work then I ever imagined.

Reading the news on the post convention McCain Palin bounced has got my nickers in a twist. It appears I am not alone. Like many others I am worried worried worried. Today out of this overwhelming fog I heard a voice of reason. Phil's voice of reason. "I suspect it is not as above board and factual as we think it is" ... Phil insights often amaze me ;)

In that light I wanted to add my two cents to the blogosphere:
1) Casey (our very well read son) reccommends

2) Have faith in Obama-Biden and the human spirit. May all our spirits soar! Moving closer to ourselves and eachother is not dependent on this election. Every day we have the chance to change our footprint and the hands we hold close. Don't wait! Here is one of my favorite internet respites in this chaotic world. Pathways-to-Peace

3) While digesting all the spin don't give up on discovering underlying truths... Don't believe everything you hear, read etc... including on Dailykos. On the other hand as my mother would say 'don't through the baby out with the bath water'. I read this as Phil's words earlier today rang in my ears as a read more about polls here: Huffingtonpost Article.

Clearly many don't support Barack Obama and his election. Like Barack Obama I believe we can find common values. Lets find ways to work together to build a world where we grow roots that are in our common values. Imagine the possibilities!

What are your thoughts?

Blessings, Marie

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fear and Faith

One of my favorite blogs.. George!

There is so much to learn from George and his team... Once you start reading his story you will be too!

Have I mentioned that next month Phil and I will finally pull out of Oly and head for Arizona? We have had a much needed year of just decompressing from our old work-a-holic lives here in Olympia. We are becoming more comfortable with free falling ... Allowing time to be more comfortable with the discovering who we are beyond our job ego's.

George is fearless...this is from HIS HEART FULL BLOG:
Sunday, December 02, 2007:

6:30AM - Being afraid.
Ever since I began to be a fulltime RVer, I've been cautioned about dangerous things. Propane heaters, battery fumes, tire failure, drinking water; and a ton of other stuff. Lately I've been receiving info about crime in Mexico.

What am I to do with news stories about crime in Mexico?

When I was recovering from cancer, I made a deal with myself to live unafraid. There is a note that I wrote to myself on MsTioga's bathroom door to remind me of that deal. I've posted in my blog about that deal a few times.

My Creed
I don't run away from my dreams,
Because of my fear of what "might" happen.
I have faith that no matter what fate brings me,
I shall overcome!
01 July 2003

Phil and I have a great case of 'hitch itch'. We have a list of 'to-do's' month to be done. About thirty two and a half days then south we go. Yippie Skippy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Halloween, Bridge to Nowhere, Mudflats - Common thread? Wa La - Me!

Hi Bloggers!

I am still amazed at how busy I am at doing just about nothing. Unfortunately I am also addicted to the democratic and republican election. Sad but true.

Welcome to October by the way. I thought I would mess around with my wanderer (most popular graphic) and put on a Halloween suit. See what you think. I have a second text choice on my cafe press site as well...

In case you haven't yet gleaned my political views I created this text too...

I have been busy reading Alaska-scuttle-butt too ... great background reading on Rep nominee Sarah Palin.

Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaskan Politics

I am struggling with keeping a well balance soul at the moment. Where is my patience and tolerance?

Why do I care so much about keeping other laws off my body?

Why am I so committed to helping others help themselves.

To fair and just democracy, open markets and FAIR checks and balances that balance the needs of individuals and a vigorous business climate?

I don't see Obama or the Democrats as and end all to perfection but I can imagine the possibilities that the time is now to try for all of us to identify and commit to some common values... instead of consume consume consume...

I will never forget the many who help me out when I made bad choices, when I was disenfranchised...people and a public program or two, that helped me out.

People that literally took me in, held me, gave me patience and then helped me bloom.

Now look at all the taxes I have paid over the years!!! What a great member of society I have become eh? (If I do say so myself)

Let's join together and build a bridge to somewhere.