Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Faith, Hope and Phil

Hello Bloggers!

Since leaving our jobs I can be found lobbying Phil to start his own blog! Why not? Hard to believe he takes a 'pass' isn't it? Maybe he see how busy I am keeping up with my own life. It is true that my blog, my unfolding artist personality and shameless commerce is far more work then I ever imagined.

Reading the news on the post convention McCain Palin bounced has got my nickers in a twist. It appears I am not alone. Like many others I am worried worried worried. Today out of this overwhelming fog I heard a voice of reason. Phil's voice of reason. "I suspect it is not as above board and factual as we think it is" ... Phil insights often amaze me ;)

In that light I wanted to add my two cents to the blogosphere:
1) Casey (our very well read son) reccommends Pollster.com

2) Have faith in Obama-Biden and the human spirit. May all our spirits soar! Moving closer to ourselves and eachother is not dependent on this election. Every day we have the chance to change our footprint and the hands we hold close. Don't wait! Here is one of my favorite internet respites in this chaotic world. Pathways-to-Peace

3) While digesting all the spin don't give up on discovering underlying truths... Don't believe everything you hear, read etc... including on Dailykos. On the other hand as my mother would say 'don't through the baby out with the bath water'. I read this as Phil's words earlier today rang in my ears as a read more about polls here: Huffingtonpost Article.

Clearly many don't support Barack Obama and his election. Like Barack Obama I believe we can find common values. Lets find ways to work together to build a world where we grow roots that are in our common values. Imagine the possibilities!

What are your thoughts?

Blessings, Marie

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