Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hitch Itch

Hello Bloggers!

It's September 18th. While the stock market is shaking our timbers we are still able to enjoy a sunny beautiful fall in Washington. We so much prefer sun especially since living in an RV when it rains is like living in a popcorn bag. Ugh!

Phil and I are just about 22 days from hitching up our RV and heading south. Can you believe it? Over 15 months ago we moved into our new home on wheels ... We adopted it in eastern Idaho and once we returned home to Olympia we haven't moved. We have been very happily just enjoying decompressing from 'real jobs'. It has not been that easy, adjusting to many changes and challenges still we are both grateful for the time and space.

Until we bought this RV neither of us had ever been RV campers! Talk about jumping into something new!

We still have a lot to learn.

... like driving it ... ;p~~~~~~
... packing the inside (my job) so things don't fly through a window on the way.
... hooking up the truck :o to the trailer (actually it's easy)
...surviving the cost of the 'fill up' as we head south
... getting in and out of tight places
... getting use to a new comfort zone

22 Days and counting down. We are both ready to spread our wings and try something new. We are ready for a dry warm winter after 30 or so years living in a rain forest.

One day at a time!

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