Saturday, September 20, 2008

Possum Herder!

What is it?
Who's in the picture? Who's laughing?
Have I ever told you about my beloved possum herder Phil?

I came across this picture today and a much needed smile arrived so I thought I would pass it on.

One of the attributes of the Quince house and our dog door was that possums thought it was an invitation to come in.

Unfortunately the head possum herder (PH) had a wussy as a partner. Not exactly a wussy more like an possum-repulsed-assistant. (that's better).

As luck would have it that night we easily got the possum to jump up behind the window blind! This I can assure you is a much better alternative then possum herding by broom from a back bedroom to the front door.

Fortunately the courageous possum hunter
was able to get close enough to open the window while keeping a broom pushed up against the window blind. Once that was done yours truly was assigned to keep the possum cornered while my hero the possum hunter headed out doors to pop the window screen.

Unfortunately the possum hunters assistant
could not make herself move close enough to the window for the broom to even touch the shade.

Luckily my hero was able to come back inside...grab the broom and give the possum the needed nudge. Whew!

Do you know that a side effect of a fear struck possum assistant is?
Yep you guessed it ... giggles.
Tip: Possum hunters do not appreciate assistants with giggles even after the adventure is complete. go figure!

Peace, hugs and smiles!

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