Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arriving Tucson and Desert Trails RV Park

Rewind: Thursday Oct 23rd 5am ...
Driving the 5th wheel through Phoenix we leave before dawn in hopes of a clean get-by-it.

Root rooh ... traffic.... no problem really...

Do we have a rocky road ahead? What will life be in an RV park? Can we live like sardines? Will we find our spot or just a jumping off point for more exploration... How will we handle rocky roads? Unknowns? Pain-in-the-arsh headaches? With grace, patience and flexibility? Time will tell...
Desert Trails RV Park... Kind of funky, kind of fun... with the bonus of Suguaro National Park our new backyard. After exploring a number of parks last April this seemed like a good place to land for now! Time to get our landing gear down!

Ok here we go... cross your fingers...I know I'm crossing mine!

Pericles and Kyoko Wyatt are the owners of the park.
We met Pericles on our April visit and once again he was here to welcome us!

Vic and Jo were friends from our Olympia park that told us about Desert Trail
and as luck would have it they are here too!

Since neither Phil nor I have any RV driving experience we are still nervous Nellies about it.
Phil is the official driver for now and I will share driving later.
We had two monkeys on our back driving down. One was getting in and out of gas (diesal) stations and the other is 'backing up'. Turned out the gas stations are not too bad as long as one is not suckered into a bad layout... As for backing up, well here goes... thankfully Phil lucked out and he didn't have a audience.
whew... and wa la!

Whoo whoo...what a nice view from our door!

This is our second 'RV Park' ever... and our second spot that has the magic of a large state or national park behind it.
Is that good thinking or what?

~~~~ Wow~~~~
So a far so good.

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