Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early to Bed; Early to Rise

Friday 3am
I sleep like a log. Phil doesn't. It's even more true when we travel. Thankfully there is a benefit. It's easy to hit the road before dawn... why waist time and angst in mainstream traffic flows when you can zip through metro areas at dawn?...and so we do.

Our first truck stop for gas... after Phil easily drove through a gas station with no diesel pump we headed here.

East 84 up the Columbia Gorge... An energy center of America
With awesome views, major dams, and breathtaking windmills too.

Easy in, easy out...and cozy too!

Look Phil driving and Auggie making her first pass!

So much beauty to watch go by! How grateful I am to be here.

Time to look for a place to settle in for the night.
We decided on a second night 'free' as we move south and we lucked out at this great spot.
I 84 Exit 13 Sinclair Diesel... Just over the border in Idaho.

Nice neighborhood!

Turns out black top camping is working out just great for us!

Who knew we would be so happy with all the comforts of home / well most anyway.

Sweet dreams!


~ Marie ~ said...

grrr I am arm wrestling with 'thumbnail' which I use to resize my photo's. It seems to be tweaking my picture colors... I will leave as is for now.

Anonymous said...

marie, I didn't know that you and Phil are actually doing a road trip! What fun. The star fruit are ripe, so anytime you want to stop by for a fruit compote...xoxo Bo