Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's Boogie Baby

Thursday 8am - We overslept ...

8:45 - Goodbye Deep Lake

9:30 - Arrive Uhmann's RV for Aggie's (our 2003 Alpinlite Augusta 5th Wheel) first annual check up. When we bought our rig (truck and trailer) last year Phil did a visual inspection only. While he has many McGiver qualities himself it seemed warrented to have a closer look at her internal works... like the brakes. ;)

Good news, no surprises found. We learned a few more tips on the RV. We are first time RVer's every little bit of information helped.

5pm - After driving 30 miles south to Uhlmann's we backtracked a few miles to our first Tar Camp...Walmart. Oh la la. While we are not Walmart shoppers we do appreciate their black top. Yeah for the end of our first safe day on the road!

Tar Camping Anyone? We plan to mix 'free' camping with campgrounds as we travel south. For the first two nights we will tar camp and then look for a respite/recharge spot as we move into Utah. Learning to drive this monstrosity is our first challenge. Phil for now will do the driving (he LOVES to drive). So far so good as he wove through Walmart, dodged traffic and arrived safely int this spot.

Evening time and all tucked in...
We leave our 'slides' in when tar camping and/or hooked up to the truck.
As you can see we still have the path open...while a skinny space we still
have access to all our goodies like the kitchen and bathroom. Not all 5th wheels are designed this way which was a deciding factor on this one. Yeah for a cozy night and our own refrigerator.

Happy Wandering To All!

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