Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phil - My Very Own MacGyver

One of the fun parts of living with Phil is getting to see what he comes up with. This man is a problem solver! He is also mechanically inclined and a genius.

On our southern journey Phil did his usual safety walk around the rig. He discovered that one of the mud flaps was hanging by a thread. For the short term he used a bungee. Its a heavy duty mud flat barely hanging on. It was easy enough for Phil to identify the missing bolt. Unfortunately a trip to the local auto store did not provide a matching bolt. When he got back to the RV park he quickly learned that he would need some 'washers' to make the bolt fit. No worries! ' Wa la! Nothing like a few loose pennies to save the day!
Another day... Another happy camper!


~ Marie ~ said...

Hi All, Just a reminder that I love swapping stories. Please join in if you have or know of a MacGyver story too!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet cousin. I MISS YOU. Thanks for sharing your road trip...what a guy. Sorry, but I can think of no Mac stories. It started raining up here. And all is well. Happy Hollowween to you! Love, Kat

Thom said...

I once kept part of my motorcycle fairing on the bike with a twist tie that came off of a break bag.

Good to see that you two are doing well.