Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pugh Canyon Trail - Kanab Utah

"Pugh Canyon - Kanab Utah A dirt track meanders along the canyon floor beside the riparian zone, where you’ll see native willows and cottonwoods. A variety of birds frequent this area." VisitKanab.info

We decided on this local canyon walk as an alternative to spending a chunk of energy and money driving to one of the destination canyon's here in southern Utah. More and more we are shifting perspectives and moving toward embracing simplicity and creating a smaller footprint.

We found a list of local hikes on the Visit Kanab website and decided on this one...and we found magic in our own backyard! We walked from our RV camp, 1 mile to the trail head and then 1.5 miles to the 'falls'. We brought corn chips (gluten-free) and yummy apples to lunch munch on along with water and sun block.

Come join us on our walk, my heart attack,
and I'll let you in on Phil's leap of faith.

We are near the end of the canyon.
There is lots of bushes so we climb up the side wall instead to get a better view!

Here we find Phil up a steep hill looking out on the end of the canyon.
Note the space in the rocks between us.
It's a good thirty feet or so up from the canyon floor.
Must he jump over to that spot? Yes he must.

Being the adventure photographer that I am (not)
I scampered down the hillside in order to film his leap back to solid ground.
(please forgive my french)

The good news is he made it!
The bad news is I turned off the camera and
missed the best part of his 'almost' fall..
Drat I should have left it on!

It' was the classic 'no big deal'
got his blood moving anyway
It was a long way down!

Now back to heaven...

This day is much like many
- the joy of a slower pace in life
- uncovering opportunities that feed the soul
- struggling with the fear of the unknown, both financially and physically
- practicing taking things as they come and letting the worry pass me by
- making a leap of faith
- wobbly landing among dirt and dust
- more fear

- finding a sense of balance once again

(hearing the quiet voice inside...we are right where we belong)

it is hard in this world of chaos
to trust ourselves
to make each leap of faith
(...by the minute, the day, the lifetime, by the heartbeat...)
to balance when we can
and wobble as needed
to get up dust ourselves off
and do it all again

how is your leap of faith?

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