Friday, November 28, 2008

Moon and Balloon Dance

Moon light is everywhere in the Sanora Desert
It looks over my shoulder
and often comforts me as I walkabout shadow casting
It whispers to me... feel my strength... learn my lore...explore my energy
a magnet out there in the universe quietly speaking my name

And then a morning walk brings a nudge...
In case I am not paying attention the moon calls out to me again...with a friend

Our first moon balloon dance.
Phil and I watch and wander!

See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls.” ~ Mother Teresa

Surprise Move In Our Park!

~~~~~ Serendipity~~~~~

Settling in.
We decide to stay for awhile.
We looked around for a longer term 'nest'.
And were added to a Marie spotted site's waiting list.

As moon luck would have it the site came open!
Phil braced himself for another RV parking challenge and off we went...
Across the park.

More greenery and privacy on our porch side!

Welcoming Committee and Sports Fans - A favorite pastime!
Can you see the carport on far side?
Backing up in an "S" ... fun city.

A surprise guest!
Blessed by moon luck we landed in an Owl groove.

With great help and direction from Vic & Jo
we survived the challenge.

Our new yard.

And as the day ended...
A rainbow found us in Arizona.
We just might learn to trust the universe yet!


Giving thanks again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Open Hearts - Surprise Silver Linings

"Being open to the possibilities"
Eighteen months ago when we started on the 'sell everything and live in an RV' phase of our lives we pondered what that would mean. Could we build a deeper life in the world, with each other, and with ourselves?
Could we pinch pennies and still be comfortable with this lifestyle?
After much soul searching and running the numbers
we decided to make this leap of faith.

I am steadfast in my resolve to move forward and trust this chapter even under the economic pressures that have resulted from
the fleecing of America and the World.
I don't think I can ever go back to the white collar world ...

"We are right where we belong"
Echo's in my soul. Grateful for all those years of being saving freaks. Living small while playing with restraint.

We have found another warm wonderful nest that we will be in for a time.
A new season is before us where we (I) slow down the chaos,
live simply, and breath deep.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A blanket of moonlight comforts me
I often find I am walking in it's shadow
It's breath a gift to my soul
Quiet and comforting
Gently pushing me to grow my voice once again
Beauty is all around
And in these moments I gratefully breath it in.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mexican Folklorico Dance

Greetings Bloggers!

One of the silver linings of our new home at
Desert Trails RV Park is that Pericles finds awesome talent to come into the park and share their gifts with us! No driving, no hassle...just wonderful talent in a intimate venue in our own backyard. Last night I went to a magical performance given by the Viva Performance Arts Center ... a Mexican Folklorico Dance group. It was obvious this Dance School Director, Julie Gallego loves her dance family and sharing their gift with all of us.

Julie explained that the costumes are from the different parts of Mexico. We learned that not just the dresses but how the men held their bodies reflected different areas of Mexico. Unfortunatly I did not note the specifics. If we are lucky Julie may add a note in comments with the details.
What a joy to watch these talented young people
share a bit of themselves with all of us.

Watch this magic!

I have soooooo much to learn now living in the Spanish.

What I do know for sure is that sharing time with a variety of hearts
and souls only makes my life richer. Another day feeling blessed!
I hope you had a blessing in your day too.

Fiesta Feliz 08 Performance
December5th in Tucson!
Please come join them and welcome the holidy season!

PS: Apologies to any dancers I missed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Resources for Wanderers

Greeting Bloggers,

Phil and I are falling in love with the Tucson area. While we have a Tucson address we are really nestled out in the countryside. It's perfect for us so far.

Still it's been an in an RV park. The park is about 50% full, giving us time to acclimate before everyone moves in for the winter. On the 'active' side of our RV we still have a desert view with two empty spaces beside us. Whew. We LOVE that. Much to our momentary dismay we have had two almost neighbors. The space next to us is hard to park in ... thus the two almosts... Whew. We will buck up when we have too.

OK...enough wandering around my mind. Let's move on to TWO websites we highly recommend for wanderers.

FIND YOUR SPOT This is a survey site of many questions. You answer them and in response you get some ideas of towns that might be a good fit. Warning: You do have to give out some contact information to be emailed the report. ... Funny thing happened...Phil (to my delight) survived all the questions and guess what his Number 1 spot was? Yep Olympia. How funny is that. He must have answered no when they asked if it was ok if it rained 24 hours per day for 9 months a year. Hmmmm...

On to our very favorite reference site is: CITY-DATA This site has comprehensive information we wanted to know about towns under consideration. This includes stats on sunny weather! Lots and lots of stuff. Check out TUCSON ESTATES You will see all the good stuff here like the sun sun sun... You can also see important crime info and the like...Tucson. We are 8 miles out in the country and are happy with our location. We find everyone to be friendly and hope to work on learning some Spanish.

So if you are are a wanderer or just curious where a new spot might be then check out 'Find Your Spot'. Who knows, we might end up as neighbors with the spot next door. Best wishes and Happy Wanderings! Marie

Any idea which theme is my 'best seller'? (go figure)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bird Quiz - Help Needed

Pinch me
Welcome to my home office.
Warm and sunny so please come in!

It's hard to go to work!
Best birdfeeder ever!
Arrived here with no car so no bird feeder.
Lucky had water bottles and scissors.
Add a 3' piece of rebar I carried around...
And wa la.
In no time I had 'waiting lines'
Ok pinch me again.

And again
I can hardly breath

Ok time to help me with a bird quiz.
It's an open book test. ;)
Cactus Wren!

Cactus Wren?

Common ground dove?
Ohhh I might have a Inca dove too...I will have to get a picture!

Pinch me again
A very good looking Cactus Wren

House Finch?

A very good looking House Finch...
With a photographer who just discover a tri-pod.

A hummingbird want-t0-be
I think it had yellow around it's face...
Any idea?

Phil's morning hawk.
It was dawn and very dark out still.
Very dark head and back with a warm light brown stripped belly
Swanson Hawk ... guess... what do you think?

Whose that on the right?

Another pinch....
Northern Cardinals from Maine early home
Here to visit me in Arizona. Wow.

Northern Cardinal Girlfriend...right????

Speaking of girlfriends
Is this the pyrrhuloxia girlfriend?

Pyrrhuloxia Gorgeous Male
I am drooling ... these three recent pictures are eye candy
Who knew I would live in Dr Suess land of amazing creatures
Breath Marie Breath

Flight of the Human..

Oh my
Oh my
A jack rabbit shocks me on a morning walk.
More like a dog rabbit
Two feet tall or so?
Knock me over with a feather.
My heart beat faster as I gazed upon this enormous friend.
It must have been a jack rabbit
that helped the Easter Bunny deliver me 50 years ago.

Maybe Mas ... quail... hmmm... Any ideas?

Life is good!
Blessed be!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walk About In our Desert

Where will our shoes take us today?
Out our door to the Saguaro National Park?

Second RV park we have ever been in!
Second time we are adjacent to a awesome park!
Pinch me
Just don't stick me!

We try to decipher new trails
from a handmade trail map.
Will we survive?
Phil watching a wash.
He is a desert boy.

An an expert at removing prickles from people.
(go figure)

What do you see that is very dangerous in the photo above?
Yes those are JUMPING Cholla Cactus.

Can you see on the ground above those prickle bombs they throw?
...just like the Apple Tree's in OZ. Grrrr
Bad cactus ... very bad!

Why does Phil never get prickles?

It is hard for me to describe the joy
I feel living here so far. Even though we are ironing out wrinkles we both are drawn here. Sunny, warmth, wind ... quiet ...
(no raining, noisy RV in the rain)

Before and After ... a Saguaro

Our flag waves
even when we are out in the desert
we can follow it home

Blessed be!