Monday, November 10, 2008

Bird Quiz - Help Needed

Pinch me
Welcome to my home office.
Warm and sunny so please come in!

It's hard to go to work!
Best birdfeeder ever!
Arrived here with no car so no bird feeder.
Lucky had water bottles and scissors.
Add a 3' piece of rebar I carried around...
And wa la.
In no time I had 'waiting lines'
Ok pinch me again.

And again
I can hardly breath

Ok time to help me with a bird quiz.
It's an open book test. ;)
Cactus Wren!

Cactus Wren?

Common ground dove?
Ohhh I might have a Inca dove too...I will have to get a picture!

Pinch me again
A very good looking Cactus Wren

House Finch?

A very good looking House Finch...
With a photographer who just discover a tri-pod.

A hummingbird want-t0-be
I think it had yellow around it's face...
Any idea?

Phil's morning hawk.
It was dawn and very dark out still.
Very dark head and back with a warm light brown stripped belly
Swanson Hawk ... guess... what do you think?

Whose that on the right?

Another pinch....
Northern Cardinals from Maine early home
Here to visit me in Arizona. Wow.

Northern Cardinal Girlfriend...right????

Speaking of girlfriends
Is this the pyrrhuloxia girlfriend?

Pyrrhuloxia Gorgeous Male
I am drooling ... these three recent pictures are eye candy
Who knew I would live in Dr Suess land of amazing creatures
Breath Marie Breath

Flight of the Human..

Oh my
Oh my
A jack rabbit shocks me on a morning walk.
More like a dog rabbit
Two feet tall or so?
Knock me over with a feather.
My heart beat faster as I gazed upon this enormous friend.
It must have been a jack rabbit
that helped the Easter Bunny deliver me 50 years ago.

Maybe Mas ... quail... hmmm... Any ideas?

Life is good!
Blessed be!


Anonymous said...

Hi love... Great pics, you are surely a chip of the old block! Ironically, yesterday I was speaking with a friend who had moved here a couple of years ago from New York City. She remarked that the one of the first things she did upon arrival was join the local Audibon Society and has very much enjoyed learning to spot the Northern New England birds and nests... having said that - what do I know about birds? I seem to be the most impaired of our family although on my "when I have time" list is joining the Audibon Society up here. Oodles and boodles of love & hugs, Audrey

Mom Judy said...

What a wonderful space for your office you have! Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed your pictures. You certainly are having fun becoming acquainted with a wonderful variety of Southwestern birds. Your pictures are in good focus. A tripod is a wonderful tool for a variety of types of photography. In your first picture, is that a juvenile Northern Cardinal in the middle. The bill looks large for a finch, but the bird may have something in his mouth. I thought about a cardinal because the breast doesn't appear to be streaked and the bill is large.

Look up Curve-billed Thrasher for the picture of the bird on the Prickly Pear Cactus.

I don't know what bird might be on the top of what looks to be a Saguaro. The light throat makes me think of a flycatcher, but, usually, they are out on a branch and fly back and forth. You may be able to find a bird list of birds that are found in Saguaro National Park. Such a list always helps me.

I think the bird on the Hummingbird Feeder is a Verdin.

The hawk does look like a Swainson's. Hawks are hard. Sometimes it is easier if you see them fly and can look at the underneath part of their wings.

The bird with the finch could be a sparrow. If the crown is black and white, it could be a White-crowned Sparrow.

Have fun!