Saturday, November 22, 2008

A blanket of moonlight comforts me
I often find I am walking in it's shadow
It's breath a gift to my soul
Quiet and comforting
Gently pushing me to grow my voice once again
Beauty is all around
And in these moments I gratefully breath it in.


StrawBoss said...

Hi Marie,
Another Mudflats reader( or should I say Mudpuppie/)!! Cool!
I was attracted by the title of your blog and have enjoyed catching up on your travels. I, too, am looking to "grow my voice once again".
Enjoy Tucson, it's a great place.

~ Marie ~ said...

Thank you Stawboss,

Their is sooo much noise in many of our lives... media, consumer pulls, politics,upkeep of home and car, and so many more.

It is so hard to find reflective continue to here and breath myself in the midst of chaos.

Cheers and Yeah for Mudflats

StrawBoss said...

Thanks for adding the link. I visited your store and what great things you have. I'm ordering a Dancer shirt for my belly-dancing SIL.

I also added a link to your store on my Tucson Snowbird blog.