Friday, November 14, 2008

Mexican Folklorico Dance

Greetings Bloggers!

One of the silver linings of our new home at
Desert Trails RV Park is that Pericles finds awesome talent to come into the park and share their gifts with us! No driving, no hassle...just wonderful talent in a intimate venue in our own backyard. Last night I went to a magical performance given by the Viva Performance Arts Center ... a Mexican Folklorico Dance group. It was obvious this Dance School Director, Julie Gallego loves her dance family and sharing their gift with all of us.

Julie explained that the costumes are from the different parts of Mexico. We learned that not just the dresses but how the men held their bodies reflected different areas of Mexico. Unfortunatly I did not note the specifics. If we are lucky Julie may add a note in comments with the details.
What a joy to watch these talented young people
share a bit of themselves with all of us.

Watch this magic!

I have soooooo much to learn now living in the Spanish.

What I do know for sure is that sharing time with a variety of hearts
and souls only makes my life richer. Another day feeling blessed!
I hope you had a blessing in your day too.

Fiesta Feliz 08 Performance
December5th in Tucson!
Please come join them and welcome the holidy season!

PS: Apologies to any dancers I missed.

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