Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Open Hearts - Surprise Silver Linings

"Being open to the possibilities"
Eighteen months ago when we started on the 'sell everything and live in an RV' phase of our lives we pondered what that would mean. Could we build a deeper life in the world, with each other, and with ourselves?
Could we pinch pennies and still be comfortable with this lifestyle?
After much soul searching and running the numbers
we decided to make this leap of faith.

I am steadfast in my resolve to move forward and trust this chapter even under the economic pressures that have resulted from
the fleecing of America and the World.
I don't think I can ever go back to the white collar world ...

"We are right where we belong"
Echo's in my soul. Grateful for all those years of being saving freaks. Living small while playing with restraint.

We have found another warm wonderful nest that we will be in for a time.
A new season is before us where we (I) slow down the chaos,
live simply, and breath deep.

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