Thursday, November 13, 2008

Resources for Wanderers

Greeting Bloggers,

Phil and I are falling in love with the Tucson area. While we have a Tucson address we are really nestled out in the countryside. It's perfect for us so far.

Still it's been an in an RV park. The park is about 50% full, giving us time to acclimate before everyone moves in for the winter. On the 'active' side of our RV we still have a desert view with two empty spaces beside us. Whew. We LOVE that. Much to our momentary dismay we have had two almost neighbors. The space next to us is hard to park in ... thus the two almosts... Whew. We will buck up when we have too.

OK...enough wandering around my mind. Let's move on to TWO websites we highly recommend for wanderers.

FIND YOUR SPOT This is a survey site of many questions. You answer them and in response you get some ideas of towns that might be a good fit. Warning: You do have to give out some contact information to be emailed the report. ... Funny thing happened...Phil (to my delight) survived all the questions and guess what his Number 1 spot was? Yep Olympia. How funny is that. He must have answered no when they asked if it was ok if it rained 24 hours per day for 9 months a year. Hmmmm...

On to our very favorite reference site is: CITY-DATA This site has comprehensive information we wanted to know about towns under consideration. This includes stats on sunny weather! Lots and lots of stuff. Check out TUCSON ESTATES You will see all the good stuff here like the sun sun sun... You can also see important crime info and the like...Tucson. We are 8 miles out in the country and are happy with our location. We find everyone to be friendly and hope to work on learning some Spanish.

So if you are are a wanderer or just curious where a new spot might be then check out 'Find Your Spot'. Who knows, we might end up as neighbors with the spot next door. Best wishes and Happy Wanderings! Marie

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