Friday, November 28, 2008

Surprise Move In Our Park!

~~~~~ Serendipity~~~~~

Settling in.
We decide to stay for awhile.
We looked around for a longer term 'nest'.
And were added to a Marie spotted site's waiting list.

As moon luck would have it the site came open!
Phil braced himself for another RV parking challenge and off we went...
Across the park.

More greenery and privacy on our porch side!

Welcoming Committee and Sports Fans - A favorite pastime!
Can you see the carport on far side?
Backing up in an "S" ... fun city.

A surprise guest!
Blessed by moon luck we landed in an Owl groove.

With great help and direction from Vic & Jo
we survived the challenge.

Our new yard.

And as the day ended...
A rainbow found us in Arizona.
We just might learn to trust the universe yet!


Giving thanks again.

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