Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walk About In our Desert

Where will our shoes take us today?
Out our door to the Saguaro National Park?

Second RV park we have ever been in!
Second time we are adjacent to a awesome park!
Pinch me
Just don't stick me!

We try to decipher new trails
from a handmade trail map.
Will we survive?
Phil watching a wash.
He is a desert boy.

An an expert at removing prickles from people.
(go figure)

What do you see that is very dangerous in the photo above?
Yes those are JUMPING Cholla Cactus.

Can you see on the ground above those prickle bombs they throw?
...just like the Apple Tree's in OZ. Grrrr
Bad cactus ... very bad!

Why does Phil never get prickles?

It is hard for me to describe the joy
I feel living here so far. Even though we are ironing out wrinkles we both are drawn here. Sunny, warmth, wind ... quiet ...
(no raining, noisy RV in the rain)

Before and After ... a Saguaro

Our flag waves
even when we are out in the desert
we can follow it home

Blessed be!