Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Webs We Weave

Moving to Tucson is an adventure. There are lots of decisions to be made, wrinkles to iron out and our savings to allocate carefully. We weigh our will we spend them? Imperfect internet access? Do we want TV again? Will we need part time jobs? Want to volunteer? Learn to stay safe in the desert? etc... I want to create meaningful space and time experiences in my life. While honoring being a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and responsible tax payer ...beyond that how do uncover more 'marie'. How does my soul strengthen and my mind quiet? How do I sit in gratitude each day?

My mind/heart wander around with thoughts of simplicity, breath, slowing down, engage, reaching out, giving back. grateful... mixed with feelings of lost, drifting, empty, melancholy...

... "we are right where we belong" echoes within me. I believe with all my heart that this time is part of my journey. Who said life would be easy? It wasn't when I was working. It wasn't when I was growing up. I have often wandered even if I always showed up for work.

At times I am filled with anxiety, wanting all the answers right now. The 'committee in my head' works overtime. I tell them often 'unwind half a turn' ... It is time to embrace (and BE) here in the unknown.

Our blessing is that we have the time (and a bit of a nest egg) to walk on this path at least for now. While some seem to live at peace in their lives ... others struggle and/or stay anesthetized in one way or the other. That would be me. ;)


What was that? (above us on our ceiling?)

Holy Cow Batman!
Is this thing big or what?
That jar is 3" wide at the bottom!
How did it get in?
Where did it get in?
Is it poisonous?
What is it?
Via the furnace vents?
My hero!
The perfect vent...
Tomorrow window screens installed on vent.
(Or was it Marie leaving her laundry basket on the ground?)

What do you think it is?
Our guess... the Giant Crab Spider?

Being in the NOW...what a great place to be!
Good night all! Good night Committee in my Head!


Anonymous said...

I am chortling away ... I trust the darling is back outside doing its part in the feeding chain!

You may not have known, but Dennis and I worried all through our wedding weekend about a big spider, with beautiful markings, and that lived in my garden. It was in the area between the house and the pool fairly near the path. Thankfully no one with arachnophobia noticed it and it was still there when everyone had gone home!

Love you,

~ Marie ~ said...

As a famous person I know often has been heard saying... "better to care for spiders then for cheddar cheese"