Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tucson Festivities - Casey & the Desert!

Our son Casey arrived in the early hours of Dec 24th to share our first holiday in the Sonora Desert just west of Tucson. This magic area is new to all of us so it was a perfect time to explore while sharing time together.

Phil & I are both amazed at the 'forest' here... the unique desert plants, the rolling sandy desert floor and a star studded sky to gaze up at. To share both this divine time and new world with Casey made for a very delightful week. Our Christmas eve desert walk was made all the better when the sun burst through.. casting bright light across this rolling world framed by the shadowed mountains behind us.

Once back home Casey made us a delicious Fish Soup for our holiday dinner!

A delicious Christmas miracle indeed!

Umbrian Fish Soup

Casey left out the garlic
Added two sprigs of fresh rosemary
A large teaspoon of thyme
He would have added red pepper flakes early on if available.
"don't measure the oil,
just make sure the bottom of the pan is coated generously"


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