Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walkabout Desert Trails RV - Fabulous & Funky

Do you have time for a quick walk with me around our new fabulous and funky RV park?
We needed a little funky to really feel at home and luckily we found it!
See what you think...

Once again the moon joins us as we wander around.

The highest point in the park... the top of the old water slides

We are tucked in at the bottom of these water slides. Nice buffer!

Easiest pet's in the world! ;)

Why it takes us 2 hours to go pick up our mail.

Another day in paradise! All good souls welcome here...

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Priscilla said...

Oh what a wonderful star field you must have from the top of that water slide. I am so so envious.


~ Marie ~ said...

The desert stars are amazing. Our new site is even better for less light. It's magic here. What I am amazed at is how the moon follows us around here... speaking of light, the light bulb just went off Washington State rain clouds here. Yeah!

Nice to hear from you btw!

Tucson Snowbird said...

I received the shirt and it is so nice. A good quality shirt and the Dance Diva will make my sis-in-law smile.
Thanks! Judy