Saturday, January 31, 2009

Worry and Hope

The worry of my world come in waves. Sometimes softly sometimes not. I am by nature a worrier.

I stew on things for a long long time. In the 'real job' time of my life I was a compulsive thinker... at times awake with anxiety with no workload boundaries. I, like many, pouring just about every part of me into my job. I brought my heart to work and was often consumed by it's multiple demands. I am so grateful for my frugal nature that at least for today I can be here rediscovering my life.

I often find myself stewing and/or worrying, my future a vast unknown. My brain wants to plan everything even though my heart knows I am right where I belong. What is my purpose? Will our money stretch? If I work what will I do? Can this time of change be a realignment of my life? How can I make today rich and let my life unfold in all good time? Can I quiet my mind and be here now? etc...

There is so much clutter in our society....noise pollution (TV, radio, work environments, streaming video, loud people, computers, printers, transportation etc...) and visual pollution (TV, Advertising, ugly this and that... etc...) and now financial pollution (debt, bills, keeping up with each other, wanted to feel important ...etc...)

It is hard to keep centered with an open heart and mind. Clutter, clutter, clutter.

This morning I took a desert walk of about 3.5 miles ... giving me plenty of time to arm wrestle with "the committee in my head", do a walking meditation and get my desert groove on.

From Thict Nat Han:

Let us walk as a free person and feel our steps get lighter. Let us enjoy every step we make. Each step is nourishing and healing. As we walk, imprint our gratitude and our love on the earth.

We may like to use a gatha as we walk. Taking two or three steps for each in-breath and each out-breath,

Breathing in "I have arrived"; Breathing out "I am home"
Breathing in "In the here"; Breathing out "In the now"
Breathing in "I am solid"; Breathing out "I am free"
Breathing in "In the ultimate"; Breathing out "I dwell"

I can be found on Facebook now. I am pretty new at this social networking ... I made the leap when I read others on CafePress (my POD print-on-demand store) using it as an avenue to promote their art. Facebook has connected me with many people and communities that have touched my life. Kennbunk High School, The Meeting School, Yelm Telephone, FairPoint Communications, Cafepress, Friends of friends, Relatives and more. It gives me pause to reflect on my life and what I want and also what I don't want. Why not live in hope?

Do you find balance in your life?How? Are you a naturally centered person or someone that stuggles? What do you do to find your daily peace? Peace and hugs today and always!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carlsbad Cavern Day - A Day of Days

Some twenty-eight years ago when Phil and I were getting to know each other he told me about 'Carlsbad Caverns'. His first visit was when he was twelve year old. He still carries the pull of this far away place. Could it really be that amazing?

We were on the road before sunrise to make the long drive as we dropped into Texas. As the morning pass I watch 'nowhere' pass me buy. Finally the road turns north back into New Mexico. I felt a bit like someone lost at sea, grateful to see land and civilization again.

This is the cave entrance. Enter here or take an elevator 17 stories down. During the summer season nearly 400,000 bats share this space. Around sunset they leave returning in the predawn hours. Other then the park entrance free ($6) there is no charge for this program.

From the NPS site:With an America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – Annual Pass, Senior Pass, Access Pass and Volunteer Pass: Where a per person entrance fee is charged, the pass admits the cardholder plus plus three adults.

At the far end of this stone auditorium the cave entrance begins... beckoning us down where more then a mile trail of light magic, a water drip symphony and a living cave unfolded. The cave gods were with us and for the next four hours we had the place almost all to ourselves! Down and down and down we wandered. Stopping often to listen and feel this world. This was our first self-guided cave tour. No group, no yakking (except me of course) and all the time in the world.

Light catcher

magnificence surrounds us

Now imagine being around in the early 1900 hundreds and exploring this cave.
Darkness ...deep cool darkness that unfolds below us.
Ladder anyone?

Nothing in my photo's communicate the vastness of this cave. Turn after turn, mile on mile we were mesmerized. So much space, so much stone, so much beauty all wrapped in a deep silence with quiet drips. Each turn of the path a new world of light peeking out all around us.

The Big Room's trail is another mile plus once we finished the stunning entrance, breathing it all in, wrapped in solitude and wonder.

Blessed again with this time and place in our lives where we get to wander.

My advise to you?
Someday, somehow...
if you like caves or if you don't..
experience this world..
gaze at speleothems
And just BE

>>>>> BONUS <<<<<
Cave Photo's from a real PHOTOGRAPHER
Are you an armchair traveler? Here you go!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Room With A View

New Mexico continues to unfold before us. Our hearts soar. We are enamored with the surprising diversity and beauty of each turn of a trail, a road, a day.

Like those before we are wandering.

May you have heart full wandering today whether on land, in heart or in spirit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Road Trip to Enchantment!

Sunday Morning arrived and with it the pull for a car trip to New Mexico. We came to the SW on our own personal discovery tour. To grow into ourselves, to live in greater sunshine and to uncover our next chapter. It seemed the perfect day to head out to New Mexico... pack the car, clean the frig and grab the map. Here we go!

We took the road out of Safford, Arizona heading toward Silver City, New Mexico! The only thing missing was our motorcycle. ;)