Monday, January 12, 2009

Sales to Smile At - Cafe Press

Hello Cafe Press Friends and Bloggers!

Here is why I am jazzed!

Today someone bought 5 different items with the same Toy Hauler graphic on them at my CafePress Store

Here is the graphic that sold - If you click on the picture and you can go to my "thatwhichisgood" store.

Ranking is very important for making sales on the CafePress site. How ranking is specifically done is proprietary however an important element is based on sales...the more sales the higher the rank.

Here's proof on why a ranking is so important!...Ugh!
Under a search on "RV" their are 2050 "RV" tagged graphics on 72,100 products.
Under "camping" there is
16,000 (thousand) graphics and 48,3000 products.

Because of the 5 sales today on the one graphic it has bumped me to the FIRST page results of those two searches on CafePress. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... I am crossing my fingers that with the totally improved ranking I might catch some other sales. It sure did perk me up for the day anyway!

NOTE: If you are one of my blogging friends you might want to stop reading here and just send me oodles of good energy for more sales!...If you are a CafePress newby then this may be of interest to you!

I started on CafePress with 'free' stores. The graphic I sold most often and continues today is this "Wander" or it's derivative a take off on 'Not All Who Wander Are Lost' Tolkien.

If you click on this graphic it takes you my 'thatwhichisgood' store. The one I want the traffic to go a shopper can see all my cha cha cha and not just the one graphic. It' s the cross sell / up sell / any sell stategy.

After researching graphic ranking on the forum I attempted the changes. I had already added the Wander graphic to my 'thatwhichisgood' store. Then I 'hid' my 'wander' (free) store as suggested in the forum.

My heart stopped when I went back to the CafePress search page and found the graphic link in the search was broken. It read something like "Graphic is unvailable" .. The actual product links worked to the new store but the graphic link did not. DRAT, DARN, SNICKERDOODLE and all that....I did NOT want to lose the benefit of the ranking so I undid my changes and it still didn't work. Sometimes things take time to change so I thought I would sleep on it and test it in the morning...WA LA the link works again...

So for now I think I will things as is. I don't want to disturb the 'ranking' gods ... and hope that over time my active 'thatwhichisgood' store Wander and it's derivative continue it's climb up the ranking ladder.

I will just sit with the glow I get when some stranger buys my work. Who knew I would find a little bit of an artist within me?

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