Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hummingbird New Year

Welcome to another new year!
I wish for myself a quieter heart.
To worry less...
To fear less, judge less...more joy.
Letting go of chaos and noise
"To accept the things I cannot change"
I wish you more joy!

Last year was a wild one for us. The sift in the world of finance has made our decision to be full time RV's more tenuous and yet it still feels like we are right where we belong. We stretch our pennies and are getting buy in this luxury of not working. I find many voices in my head discussing our choices yet am steadfast in taking this time to move towards a simpler life...committed to developing my own personal peace. (and my internet store)

Birds are the icing on the cake. They soothe me, entertain me and call me out to explore this amazing place.

Oh dear...that's no hummingbird ...

It wasn't long before a humming bird zoomed in, quickly putting on brakes.
I don't think it shared a feeder with a
a woodpecker before.
Do you see the hummingbird on the right?
It came in and out a few times until
I scared them both off trying to photograph them together.

Bah Humbug!

Just another day in paradise.

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