Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The unknown has been swirling around us lately...Often it's a heavy weight on both of us. We know we don't want to go back to our old lives ...we know it's time to discover new ones... the financial pressure is there and we have no clear direction.

"We are right where we belong" ... I often say/feel/believe... part of change is pain and fear. It is also leaning into change with courage and patience, which I could use more of.

The last few days I have been adding to my blog reading list. Looking for inspiration and encouragement from other similar journey. I was given two gifts from Ram at the "Retirement Experiment Blog" It might be a gift for you too, he passed on an inspired food quiet my mind and hold gratitude close. I hope you will check out his eloquent words too.

My bowl, empty now, will soon be filled with precious food.
Beings all over the Earth are struggling to live.
How fortunate I am to have enough to eat.
Thich Nat Han

The second gift was a from Ram's New Year resolutions. "Anchoring" ... Check it out here!

Peace, Hugs and One-Day-At-A-Time

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Ram said...


Thank you for the link to my blog, and for your kind words.

(The thanks should really go to Thich Nhat Hanh. This might be blasphemy to many, but I actually find Thich's teachings to be more nuanced and more applicable to my life than the teachings of the Dalai Lama.)

I have been reading some of your posts. Your T-shirt/Bumper sticker designs show your creative abilities. I wish you lots of sales and abundance for this year.