Thursday, February 5, 2009

Internet Highway Calls My Name

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Greetings All,

I am still plodding away on my CafePress Store. This past year-plus I have enjoyed learning some graphic arts. Motivated by our households need to make some money as well as my current aversion for having get a J O B anytime soon. The good news is I continue to trickle out sales even though I have such limited traffic. When I get discouraged some stranger amazes me with another sale (cheap thrills!) and I earn a few dollars (cheap thrills too).
Nothing like $2 to get me all motivated again! Funny but true as many of you know.

Taking a break from Artist Marie I have been working on Internet Traffic Marie. I have been learning about social-networking/Facebook, social-marketing/Squidoo and test driving a second print-on-demand site Zazzle.
Who knew I would get so darn techie. (Brian/Kelly?)

Facebook Marie Schneider - A wonderful way to weave a tapestry of loved ones from you past, present and future.
  • Let's be friends! (does require a sign in)
  • My family - Casey, Robert, Tick ... where are the rest of you?
  • The Meeting School, NH around 1975
  • Kennebunkport - Childhood and around 1975
  • Yelm Telephone, Ycom Networks, FairPoint Communications from around 2000 -2007
  • CafePress Friends - My blessed cheer leaders
  • Blogging Friends - See links on this pages... Awesome sites
  • New Friends

Squidoo - A great place to integrate these other places and learn from others too! There is a log to learn but even with just two lenses I have seen a few folks discovered my store on my store. Wow! My new lenses:
Zazzle - Similar to CafePress - One awesome difference is that it allows you to 'customize' the products. You can change background colors and things like that. I am finding putting products up a bit cumbersome and am just test driving it for now. It may make sense to put my energy in my designs. We'll see...
I have also learned to use Instant Cafe Feeder which I learned how to use on Squidoo! Instant Cafe Feeder extracts a file from my CafePress store which then allows me to upload all my products into Google Base. Wow! I have done this successfully twice so I am almost an expert. Not really but I get a ridiculous glow every time it works.

If you are thinking geeze Marie there is a lot of reduncy here I couldn't agree more.
HOWEVER... the folks who seem to be making some income do all these things an more!

Now if lightening would stick and a zillion people would purchase one magnet I could quit working and retire!

Peace and Hugs

PS: I just learned how to change colors on my pages here...can you tell?!
Whoo whoo!

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