Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Squidoo - Huh?

I got a loving and timely nudge from my beloved Aunt Pat about my reference to Squidoo. What is it she asked? I thought it was an excellent point given that I myself didn't know what it was till a week or two ago either. Here is a glimpse of what I know about Squidoo and the potential information value it may have. I think we better start with Facebook first.
  • Facebook was the first place I heard of the term Social-Networking. I joined Facebook sometime last year. Now I have 77 friends that share links with me. I found many of these folks again through friends of friends and/or an email search. These are a collection of loved ones and kindred spirits from many parts of my life. In this busy world it's a great way to keep & strengthen a loving, interesting and supportive community. A place to catch up with old friends and welcome new ones. You can find me on Facebook HERE. (requires you to join)
  • Squidoo is referred to as a Social-Marketing site. It is one of the latest things in internet marketing, marketing strategies and and business marketing. This site gives anyone FREE space to share knowledge and ones passion through the creation of a 'lens' by topic. For me that means I can share my knowledge and strategy on being Gluten-Free and market my art. It's already formatted for me and I can add or remove modules that provide different functions. I don't need to know html or how to write a webpage. It's easy to use! It even allows links to outside sites that may generate small amounts of revenue (affiliate marketing)which is divided between charity/squidoo/you.
  • Guess who owns Squidoo?
  • Guess who owns Blogger? (where my blog resides)
  • Google of course! It's part of the circle of internet life... how do you create interesting things like blogs, artwork, lenses... and how do others find you ... me etc? It's weaving together of the world wide web into on-line education, think tanks and communities.

TOP 100 LENSES on Squidoo!
Take a quick scroll and see if one suits your fancy!

Than jump in and make a lens!

I did.

Inspiration + Artwork + Knowledge + Connecting +
Community + Web
- Information Overload
= Squidoo!

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