Saturday, February 28, 2009

St Patrick - Inspired Gifts

I have a confession to make. My IrishPolishGermanCatholic early childhood soul is feeling guilty writing again about my art and That Which Is Good Internet Store. How crazy is that when one reason I keep up the blog is to help my store be found.

I know my blog wonders from here to there and back... a splash if this and that of my life, not channeling one voice or interest like most do. And guess what? I have moments of guilt about that too. Luckily it gives me something to laugh about too...the complexities of my human spirit.

These days, with time on my hands I get to ponder all the quirks and hiccups of my being. My fears and my dreams all while counting my blessings.

Ok the confessional is on to the magic! ;)


March Madness is Here in Tucson!

The winds are blustery at 20-30 mph and we are tucked in our RV welcoming March.

I have a little bit if St Patrick's Day-itis!
With a Irish-Polish Mom and a German Dad I have a lot of everything else. ;)

I am wandering for blessings.
Here are a few I found to share in honor of St Patrick's Day.
(Along with my artwork and links to my online store.)

An Irish Blessing

These things I warmly wish to you
Someone to love
Some work to do

A bit o' sun
A bit o' cheer
And a guardian angel always near.

An Old Irish Blessing

May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

A Blessing
Dance as if no one were watching,
Sing as if no one were listening,
And live every day as if it were your last.

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you wherever you go...

All Who Wander Magnet.

Please consider visiting my whimsical store if you are looking for a trinket for a loved one. It's full of love and good cheer!

In the end we are all one family! Link

Please add a comment of a favorite blessing or saying too!

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