Friday, March 27, 2009

Bisbee, Arizona

Hello Bloggers!

Do you have time for a one day road trip? We did so we headed out to one of our favorite towns to visit from last April.. Bisbee, Arizona. Please join us. Last year when we cruised Arizona looking for a place to nest this area caught our eye. We felt the pull of it's charm, progressive energy, creativity and hillside wonder!


Bisbee's waterfalls. They are everywhere!
It's easy to pass the day wandering off of the main street.
Up to the hilly heavens and back down again.

Thoughts of humanitarian aid welcomed us all around the town!

Peek a Boo!

A house for Phil

Bisbee Coop
Yummie fruits, veggies and some gluten free food.

It's always good to find peace in an alley.

Anguis House

Belleza Gallery
An amazing gallery with heart and art!
From their website:
Belleza is owned and operated by the Renaissance House (fka WTP),
a non-profit organization that provides its residents
the opportunity to make the changes needed to
become healthy and self-reliant.

R. John Ichter
With my new venture into pastals...ahhhhhh
Colors to sooth my soul.

Another artists gifts to my heart.

Another day to smile.

PS Look what I just learned:

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