Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Owl In the Wind - First Day Video

I am enthralled with our baby owl ... and acting just like a mother hen.
Below is my video of the little one the first day I found her blowing in the wind.

Hang on baby hang on!

Truth be told that we felt very much like how that little one looks when we left our traditional life to risk creating this new one. Selling everything and living frugally over these past two years has been an adventure. Time has been our friend as we have learned to live, be and grow into this time. Trading freedom for consumerism ... learning to want less and be more.

The wind still blows...sometimes suddenly, at times constantly...
and yet like that little one we hang on ... growing stronger in time...
We can even be found now laughing into the wind
when we are not hanging on for dear life.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video... It sure gives a different feeling when I see how strong the wind blows there. Can't wait to see the little one fly!

After weeks of snow and cold - we are finally into spring with skunk cabbage coming up, sandhill cranes over head and humming birds at the feeders.

Love, ajf