Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Owl Out of Nest - Day 1

Great Horned Owl Chick - Saturday about 4pm
I was quite startled to find that the baby owl chick had come out of it's nest!
The nest is a shelf right at the top of the dead palm area of the tree. (maybe 30 feet up?)...At around 4pm I watched our little one sitting on a branch about 4' below the nest. It looked scared to me. Worse yet the desert winds were blowing!

That little chick is always curious, following us with it's eyes where ever we roam in the area. For the first hour or two there was no Mom or Dad owl to be least by me. (They are always near by it seems) "Now what do I do?" it seemed to eyes.

The first picture was taking a bit later (as dusk unfolded) ... it shows the wind and the little one.
I was smacked with the true meaning on "out on a limb".

This is the little one hanging on for dear life with the wind. It bobbed this way and that way as we both waited for the wind to calm down. Please, please don't fall!

As the wind died down it seemed to settle in. Phil explained about the talons which made me feel a bit better. As with other birds of prey, Owls have the locking, ratchet-like mechanism in their foot which keeps the toes locked around a perch or prey without the need for the muscles to remain contracted.

Finally I see mom watching from next door. What can she do?

Hold on baby hold on!
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