Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bull Snake Stalker - Who knew?

click on the arrow to run and turn up your volume for sound :)

It didn't occur to me two years ago that by selling everything and living in an RV I would open my life up to so many experiences. I had no idea that I would be living such an earthy life.

Phil and I have settled in to living on the frugal ... trading income and stuff for 'free hobbies' and experiences. I got turned on to the power of free hobbies a few months ago from a favorite blog, Early Retirement Extreme. I already knew at the time that in order to live a richer life we needed to develop in areas that didn't cost anything but Jacob crystallized the idea for me.

Learning knew language empowers my journey and I am stronger for it. Embracing free hobbies strengthens the personal power of my own dollar. What free hobbies/passions do you have?

Who knew I would become a snake stalker?

Shopping for Mother or Father Day smiles?


Anonymous said...

Some of the free hobbies can eventually be turned into income or alternative careers. Most of what I do now started as a hobby.

~ Marie ~ said...

I hope so too! We are all nip and tuck right now with money. I always liked the idea of doing what I loved but never really had a sense of what I loved was. This time of not working has been such a gift ... time to peel the onion. I am loving it!

Thanks so much for the check in. Your blog is such encouragement for folks interested in shifting their money paradigm!