Monday, April 6, 2009

Chihuly Birthday Cheer - Phoenix

It's a good life when you get to spend the day with loved ones, a desert in bloom botanical garden and shiny whimsical Chihuly glass. In fact it was a perfect day to get my birthday mojo on. I recommend a 'day-before' celebration so one can wake up in full glow on birthday morning.

Come take a peak at what made my heart smile.

"We are given two gifts at birth:
Time and Talent

What will you do with yours?"

Uta Montique Behrens 2004
(found here in the gardens)

Love and thanks to Tick and Tom for this magic day and to all of you who send me blessings of the heart and good wishes for my birthday and all days. More pictures to come of the desert blooms and desert's amazing.

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Priscilla said...


Did you tell me your birthday was coming up?

Happy Birthday from a fellow Arien.