Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Desert Botanical Garden Blooms!

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Make like a flower and bloom!
Day 3 @ the age of 51

I confess I am still giddy from my birthday on Monday. Moving to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona last fall overwhelms me in it's wonder and beauty. It holds in it both a starkness the desert life and a beauty of which I have never seen before. Like my own internal life I am fascinated by the complex, ever changing, bittersweet flavor of it all.

I still have so much to learn in grow a quieter soul. To move a way from compulsive judging of the world and embrace an accepting heart .

How many cactus needles have pierced me this year as I learn to live in the desert? Many... As time passes less. (Thankfully I love a man that is handy with tweezers...stories for another day)
Once again I am grateful for today.

Come join me in the sunshine.

A world onto itself

Ocotillo Fence and the will to live!

Diversity in the desert

A holiday of bloom!

Flowers... eye candy for the soul

Food for my heart

Stay tune for my best pictures yet... animal life at the Desert Botanical Garden.

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hey...i'm an artist in bloom
hey...i'm 51 and growing my artistic side for horses, better for cows, pigs don't eat it, cause they don't know how...hay!

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