Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Horned Owl Chick

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Whoo Whoo
What a blessing to live under a Great Horned Owl nest
Whoo Whoo echo's back
Mom and baby snuggling together
Dad stays nearby too but is not shown in these pictures
It's a busy life for an owl family
Watching us watching them
Hanging on in the windy desert
Staying safe from harris hawks
Whoo whoo my friends Whoo whoo
Our fluffy curious baby, still fluffy and downy but growing so fast!
Whoo Whoo
When will it fly? Will I be near? Whoo hope soooo!

Thanks Reggie for the nudge!

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Marie Schneider: all images copyright 2009

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! I am so jealous ... one day I hope to have this experience!! xoxo Reggie