Friday, May 29, 2009

Desert Trails RV Park - New Signs!

Our winter home ... A fun place in the sun.
We are still here due to a few more southern commitments to meet
before we can head north.
Soon though very soon!

Today, our park got a face lift! Pericles had new signs installed!
A welcoming sight for new travelors and old friends.
Phil managed to help too in our lovely 90+ degree weather.

If you like to laugh, are nature lovers and enjoy a active adult RV community you're welcome here! Come visit and check out the magic found here in the Sanoran Desert outside of Tucson. Live Love Laugh!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Walking Around My Brain

Where does the time go?

I am baking hot here but happy as a clam too. I am so amazed that I am more than surviving Tucson at 100 degrees everyday. The joy of free time lifts my heart. I have never lived in dry weather before and that makes a big difference too. My dear spouse thrives in this weather which is icing on the cake.

We have been shopping for a cabover camper to no avail. Looks like it will be car camping for the summer with the possibility of some work exchange for a roof too. :) Works for me!

For the most part I am a happy camper. We live nip and tuck while stretching our pennies. We still have a stream of life's quirky problems and 'best guess' decisions to make especially about money. I often hear my dad say "it's a good problem to have" when I am worrying and/or whining over something. At the time he said that I think he was talking about having to pay income tax. Between my lay off in 2007 and the economic train wreck effecting our planned income I now know exactly what he means!

I have been a worrier since the beginning of time ...The gift of not being run by a clock is significant and life changing. It's been just over two years since I had a "real job" and I am finally beginning to feel the numbness of life replaced with a joyful heart.

I am so grateful to live this quieter life not driven by the noise of a more traditional life. I brain/soul is learning new 'muscle memory' as a learn to breath more and let my worries go out into the universe instead of feeding them that monkey on my back.

Sadly CafePress, where I have been developing my primary 'whimsical gift store' as of June 1st is cutting commissions in their marketplace to 10% for storekeepers. We can still charge you customers/friends/community more if you go directly to our storefront. Hmm what's wrong with that picture? Many, including myself, are busy working away on a storefront on There's lots of difference but the one thing that is the same is it all takes time!

You can check out my Zazzle store here. I have been slowly building sales, Eventually I will change my to Zazzle but for now it's still directed at my Cafepress Store.

Thanks for sharing this wander around my brain. I hope your found a good hug a some joy in today. Best wishes as always to you and yours.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Joy Oh Bird

Bird crazy? Who me?

My love to our baby owl!
We took a road trip to Flagstaff... Looks like s/he missed us?
It stays near but on the far side of our circle.
Every day is a bit of a owl hunt as we find his/her new spot.

In the palm trees we still see it snuggle with mom or dad...sharing a palm frond.
I have had so much joy in watching this young one bloom and fly.
So much like me ... learning to stretch in wings
and still crash landing at times too.

My heart if full of gratitude of knowing this little one.
(see the little error on the bottom left?)

The table turns...

The baby owl is practically grown up and
now we have a new bird in our lives.
Instead of me searching for him
This one is searching... I mean harassing us.
Everyday this kooky cardinal shows up at dawn
banging away than doing a back flip.

Looks innocent doesn't he?

It could be 5am...anyone home?



Align Center

Set.... Huh?

Window peeking, back flipping
Crazy bird making us crazy...

Just about all the people have left our RV nest.
Now it's the wildlife coming to play.
See that sunshine? Day 4 of 100 degree weather. Wow.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Owl - Where did you go?

Hi Bloggers!

We been busy around here keeping up with the Great Horned Owl baby. S/he has totally charmed us all. Cute, busy and inquisitive too.

The baby owl was out of it's nest again Friday, but not for long. What a difference a week makes! After eating a good breakfast with dad on the palm frond it .... he went back in the nest.

Saturday when we woke mom and baby were gone. We found dad near by but looked all day for baby to no avail. A neighbor finally found him in the nearby fir tree. My heart soared!

Well loved Owl!

Does anyone know when a chick becomes a fledgling?

Now if I could get Mom, Dad and Baby all on one branch for just one last portrait.


Rumor has it that the baby owls stay for awhile.
These awesome parents have lived in our RV park for at least 5 years!

Phil and I are heading north to explore the Flagstaff area for a few days.
Time for me to go fly out of our nest!


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