Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Owl - Where did you go?

Hi Bloggers!

We been busy around here keeping up with the Great Horned Owl baby. S/he has totally charmed us all. Cute, busy and inquisitive too.

The baby owl was out of it's nest again Friday, but not for long. What a difference a week makes! After eating a good breakfast with dad on the palm frond it .... he went back in the nest.

Saturday when we woke mom and baby were gone. We found dad near by but looked all day for baby to no avail. A neighbor finally found him in the nearby fir tree. My heart soared!

Well loved Owl!

Does anyone know when a chick becomes a fledgling?

Now if I could get Mom, Dad and Baby all on one branch for just one last portrait.


Rumor has it that the baby owls stay for awhile.
These awesome parents have lived in our RV park for at least 5 years!

Phil and I are heading north to explore the Flagstaff area for a few days.
Time for me to go fly out of our nest!


Gifts, smiles and apparel... my whimsy!

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Jun said...

I love owls! They are such neat creatures with fascinating habits. Not to mention gorgeous feathers. So seeing this has made my day a little bit brighter. Thanks for sharing!