Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Joy Oh Bird

Bird crazy? Who me?

My love to our baby owl!
We took a road trip to Flagstaff... Looks like s/he missed us?
It stays near but on the far side of our circle.
Every day is a bit of a owl hunt as we find his/her new spot.

In the palm trees we still see it snuggle with mom or dad...sharing a palm frond.
I have had so much joy in watching this young one bloom and fly.
So much like me ... learning to stretch in wings
and still crash landing at times too.

My heart if full of gratitude of knowing this little one.
(see the little error on the bottom left?)

The table turns...

The baby owl is practically grown up and
now we have a new bird in our lives.
Instead of me searching for him
This one is searching... I mean harassing us.
Everyday this kooky cardinal shows up at dawn
banging away than doing a back flip.

Looks innocent doesn't he?

It could be 5am...anyone home?



Align Center

Set.... Huh?

Window peeking, back flipping
Crazy bird making us crazy...

Just about all the people have left our RV nest.
Now it's the wildlife coming to play.
See that sunshine? Day 4 of 100 degree weather. Wow.

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Anonymous said...

I never realized that cardinals are such characters!! The owl footage is amazing!! How big is his wingspan? Looks HUGE!!

Kelli said...

Hi Marie,
I too am a member of the IDC. I enjoyed visiting very much. I have a cardinal I can't seem to capture with my camera. The owls are so beautiful. Your life sounds wonderful. Have a nice day.

~ Marie ~ said...

Hi All!

Thanks for the notes, I love hearing from you all. I encourages me to keep up my yak.

That baby owl is getting big. I think maybe the wing span is about 3 feet now. They are huge. We are now thinking it might be a female because it seems so big. It's almost as tall as dad. No horns yet and still some downy feathers fall on the ground.

That baby loves to watch us all walk around admiring her/him. It cracks us up all the time now!

~ Marie ~ said...


I had the same problem with photographing then northern cardinals here. Talk about flighty birds. Now with his obsession to our windows it better...except for the window in the picture.

Good luck!