Friday, May 15, 2009

Walking Around My Brain

Where does the time go?

I am baking hot here but happy as a clam too. I am so amazed that I am more than surviving Tucson at 100 degrees everyday. The joy of free time lifts my heart. I have never lived in dry weather before and that makes a big difference too. My dear spouse thrives in this weather which is icing on the cake.

We have been shopping for a cabover camper to no avail. Looks like it will be car camping for the summer with the possibility of some work exchange for a roof too. :) Works for me!

For the most part I am a happy camper. We live nip and tuck while stretching our pennies. We still have a stream of life's quirky problems and 'best guess' decisions to make especially about money. I often hear my dad say "it's a good problem to have" when I am worrying and/or whining over something. At the time he said that I think he was talking about having to pay income tax. Between my lay off in 2007 and the economic train wreck effecting our planned income I now know exactly what he means!

I have been a worrier since the beginning of time ...The gift of not being run by a clock is significant and life changing. It's been just over two years since I had a "real job" and I am finally beginning to feel the numbness of life replaced with a joyful heart.

I am so grateful to live this quieter life not driven by the noise of a more traditional life. I brain/soul is learning new 'muscle memory' as a learn to breath more and let my worries go out into the universe instead of feeding them that monkey on my back.

Sadly CafePress, where I have been developing my primary 'whimsical gift store' as of June 1st is cutting commissions in their marketplace to 10% for storekeepers. We can still charge you customers/friends/community more if you go directly to our storefront. Hmm what's wrong with that picture? Many, including myself, are busy working away on a storefront on There's lots of difference but the one thing that is the same is it all takes time!

You can check out my Zazzle store here. I have been slowly building sales, Eventually I will change my to Zazzle but for now it's still directed at my Cafepress Store.

Thanks for sharing this wander around my brain. I hope your found a good hug a some joy in today. Best wishes as always to you and yours.

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