Monday, June 29, 2009

Flashback - June 14th

Two weeks ago we left Tucson
Goodbye 100+ degree weather
Goodbye Jessa & James
Good bye our favorite funky RV Park with a heart

Look who showed up just in time to say good bye.
I even saw the very much grown up baby owl too,
it had been a few weeks I think since my last spotting.
Our family of Great Horned Owls... What a blessing to
live below you this year and breath in your natural life.

Hello new second home.
We just bought a Travel Lite Truck Camper
..and a few headaches.
The good news is that we LOVE the space.
It feels like we live in a tree house and
know once it's fixed up we will be happy campers again.

Cozy and comfy...

We are not sorry to say goodbye our 4am 4hour daily wake up
wacko Northern Cardinal.
Will he fly the coop while we are gone?

And the beloved welcoming committee...
Mom Audrey, Tick, me and Ryn

Safe journeys and loads of smiles to all.

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